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40+ Crochet Items To Sell in 2024 – Free Patterns 

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Have you been looking into making crochet items to sell for a profit? I know it may seem scary to start a small business, but you will never know until you try.

Handmade items are always great to sell because they make great gifts. It’s fancy to gift with handmade. Therefore, if you make high-quality items, it’s almost guaranteed you will sell them.

But why “almost”? Because it depends on other factors as well. I have put some tips and tricks together that I hope you be helpful to get you started.

Best Crochet Items To Sell Free Patterns

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Steps to start making crochet items to sell

Make sure that before you start selling, you have mastered your crochet skills beyond the basics. Crochet can be a great side income if you do it the right way.

Here are the steps to take once you decide you will sell your crochet:

Nothing would be more disappointing than making a bunch of items that end up not selling because it’s not what consumers want.

Do some research on what crochet items are trending and in demand before you start making them. Facebook groups, Pinterest and Google Trends are great places to explore trends.

Step 2: Find the best crochet patterns 

Hopefully you will find most patterns that you need in this list. But if you are looking up for patterns yourself, make sure you chose easy and quick ones.

Ravelry and Etsy are great places to look for patterns. Some of them will have a small fee, so please make sure you add that to your expense list.

Step 3: Plan your inventory

So, you have finally decided that you will make crochet items to sell. But how much inventory should you make? This is probably the hardest thing to figure out in the process of starting your crochet business. I get it! But no need to panic.

Pam, at Crochetpreneur, has a great article on this subject in her website. One of her advices is for you to connect with fair organizers and fellow crafters to have an idea of what to expect.

Step 4: Invest in essential supplies and materials

By now, you have figured out what will be your best sellers, chose some great patterns, and have at least a rough inventory plan. 

Here is a list of other materials and supplies you will need for your crochet business:

Step 5: Make items that look professional

Make sure you make high-quality items that look professional. And by professional, I mean not only make perfect stitches. But also give good attention to details.

Such as, securely weave in all the ends, have your hands clean while you work on your crochet. And that there is no weird smells and pet fur in the final products.

Best Crochet Items To Sell At Craft Fairs

Tips on how to make money selling your crochet

One of the best ways to make money with your crochet items is making sure your items are well-made. But what else should you consider? 

Here are some additional tips to make crochet items to sell:

Tip 1: Choose items that are quick to make

Remember, the time you put in to build your inventory will be your biggest investment. Having said that, choose items that sell well but that are quick to finish. 

The less time you spend making one single item, the quickest you will build your stock. Additionally, it’s an effective way to price your items competitively as well. 

Tip 2: Decide where to sell your crochet items

While in-person markets are a great way to sell, you want to have an online presence as well. Choose a marketplace platform to market and sell your crochet. 

Here are the most popular ones:

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • An Instagram and Facebook business page

Make sure you do some research, especially on how much it will cost you. Most platforms will incur fees. Such as, listing, ads, transactions, and shipping fees.

Tip 3: Take high-quality photos of your crochet items 

Remember, you want to stand in the crowd if you are making crochet items to sell online. You don’t need a fancy camera, but you still want to take good photos of your crochet items to sell.

Choose a spot with plenty of natural light and use the “flat-lay” technique. Which is a great way to photograph your items from the top down in a flat surface.

Use a light-colored background or surface, along with simple props to make a small, arranged scene. As for the wearable items, such as hats and headbands, display them on a mannequin head.

Tip 4: Pricing your crochet items right

Keep in mind you want to make a profit, and that you’re dealing with handmade and not with a production line. So, you will need to take everything into account. Including your time.

Price your items competitively, but make sure that while you are making your inventory, you write down every single supply you use. Again, I recommend this article by Pam at The Crochepreneur with all you need to know on pricing your crochet.

If you are taking custom orders, make sure you take at least 50% up front and then the balance when you’re ready to ship. 

Best Crochet Items To Sell At Craft Fairs

Which crochet items sell the most?

Some specific crochet items are always high in demand, but other trends may come and go, depending on consumer behaviors. 

Here are the most profitable and most popular crochet items to sell:

  • Wearables for kids and adults – such as hats, fingerless gloves, and cowls.
  • Head accessories and jewelry – such as headbands, and earwarmers, earrings, and hair scrunchies.
  • Baby items – such as booties, mittens, bonnets, loveys, and bibs.
  • Home décor – such as wall art, plant hangers, pillows, and stockings.
  • Anything cozy – such as cup cozies and ice cream cozies
  • Bathroom and kitchen items – such as soap saver pouches, coasters, washcloths, scrubbies, spa sets, and potholders.
  • Toys – such as water balloons, smalls dolls, and stuffed animals
  • Other small items for gifts – such as keychains, bookmarks, and holiday ornaments.

If you want to try larger items, make sure you choose easy patterns and use thicker yarns, so you spend less time making them. Ultimately, it needs to be about what works best for you and your target market.

Other Pattern Collections You Will Love

And here are the latest posts published here on the blog:

Best Crochet Items To Sell 

Depending on what season or occasion you’re doing your items for, you will need to market them differently.

I’ve done the leg work of breaking them into categories, so it’s easy for you to just choose exactly what you need.

Crochet Wearable Accessories

Wearables are among the most common crochet items to sell. They are amazing items for gifts and won’t take long to make. 

Do some research on fashion trends, so you choose the right colors and style. Remember, it’s wise to follow consumer behavior, since they change depending on market trends.

1 – Bucket Hat With Stripes

The Copacabana Crochet Bucket Hat is a pattern free for the adult size here on the blog. Striped bucket hats are a great way to add style to warmer weather outfits and are loved by teenagers. And they are always trending, which makes them great for summer markets.

crochet striped bucket hat free pattern

2 – Crochet Cowl

Cowls make great gifts because you don’t have worry a lot about sizing. It’s usually one size fits most. The Maine Coast Seashell cowl pattern is available in two versions, one with Super Bulky (#6) yarn and another with worsted weight (#4).

Crochet shell cowl pattern

3 – Fingerless Gloves

This pair of textured fingerless gloves was inspired by the Outlander TV Series. It’s beautiful and stylish. Make sure you add them to your inventory list.

crochet fingerless gloves pattern

4 – Winter Crochet Beanie

Next up in the list of crochet items to sell, we have a simple yet unique winter beanie pattern. This hat was designed with front post double crochet stitches and has a beautiful texture.

crochet beanie pattern

5 – Baby Hat With Ears

The pattern for this baby hat with ears is available in two sizes, 0-3 Months and 3-6 Months. It’s an easy pattern, with double crochet stitches, that can be finished in no time.

crochet baby hat

Head accessories and jewelry

Crochet head accessories are among the quickest crochet projects. Therefore, they are great choices for markets.

If you want to build up your inventory quickly, make head accessories. They are not only great crochet items to sell, but also easy to price competitively.

6 – Baby Headband

Baby headbands are great photo props and will make adorable gifts, making them a hit on craft fairs. This pattern has instructions for 4 sizes, that will fit little heads in sizes Newborn to 3 years. 

crochet baby headband

7 – Picot Headband

Here we have a pattern that includes 8 sizes, from baby to adult, featuring mini bobble stitches. Yet another great option to impress your market booth visitors.

crochet headband pattern

8 – Velvet scrunchies

Scrunchies are a hot wishlist item that’s always trending and should be a “must do” in your inventory list. Velvet yarns make them look chic, stylist, and quick to make. 

Crochet velvet scrunchies

9 – Boho Style earrings

Crocheted boho jewelry add a relaxed style to any summer look, making it a hit in the warm-weather markets. Whether you make them in muted tones or add colors, either way they will look gorgeous.

crochet earring boho style

10 – Friendship Bracelet

These are so easy to crochet and so pretty. Make them in several colors and market them exactly like that, “friendship bracelets”. If possible, display them on a bracelet holder.

crochet friendship bracelet pattern

11 – Round Drop Crochet Earrings

This round drop crochet earrings pattern will be a success seller for your market inventory. Not to mention it has multiple possibilities for customization and is very unique.

Head over to my blog post here on the blog and read through the instructions, tips and tricks to make them.

Round Drop Crochet Earrings Pattern

Crocheted Baby Items

Baby items are next in the “must do” in your crochet items to sell inventory plan. Why? Well, not a single parent or new aunt/uncle, or grandma that I know would ever resist to such cute handmade baby stuff. 

Make sure you make them in multiple sizes and colors, they will sure be a great addition to your stock.

12 – Baby Bonnet

Crocheted baby items in general are great stash busters. You will use less than a skein to make this cute baby bonnet. The pattern features beautiful shell stitch textures and is so adorable.

crochet baby bonnet

13 – Baby Booties

Speaking of adorable, these baby booties are another must in the list of crochet items to sell. The pattern instructions are for size 3-6 months. Check her page out for more photos. 

crochet baby booties

14 – Baby Mittens

Baby mittens are great crochet items to sell. If you want to stand in the crowd, make these thumbless baby mittens. The design features a cute ribbed double cuff and uses a unique textured stitch. 

crochet baby mittens pattern

15 – Lovey Blanket

How cute is this bunny lovey? I would definitely purchase one of these loveys to gift a new mom. The pattern was designed with simple stitches, both the blanket itself and the bunny.

crochet lovey free pattern

16 – Baby Drool Catcher

Next up in the list of crochet items to sell, we have this pattern that takes uniqueness to whole new level. Simple and quick to make, yet so unique.

Stock up with a few of these crochet bibs and I bet they will make great sellers.

crochet bib free pattern

Crochet Home Décor Items

Home décor is another category with a range of quick and easy items to crochet. Make wall art, plant hangers, pillows, pumpkins, and stockings.

These are all great ideas to stock up for your inventory of crochet items to sell. Other things you can make are baskets, garlands, and placemats. 

17 – Velvet Pumpkins

Fall markets are very popular and great for sales. These crochet velvet pumpkins are eye catching because they are whimsical and chic at the same time. The pattern has instructions for 3 sizes.

crochet velvet pumpkins

18 – Wall Hanging Art

Divine Debris has many amazing wall hanging patterns, she usually makes them using tapestry crochet. But since the idea here is to keep it simple, I thought this one would be perfect.

The chevron makes it so interesting and a great decoration piece. 

crochet wall hanging pattern

19 – Plant Hanger

This simple and easy plant hanger has a macrame look and will be a lovely houseplant hanger. Not to mention, it’s super quick to crochet, making it a perfect addition for your market stock.

crochet plant hanger

20 – Christmas Stocking

A pattern with great opportunities for customizations. If you are taking custom orders, this would be an amazing addition to your list of crochet items to sell. Easy, quick, and gorgeous.

crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

21 – Nesting Baskets

Nesting baskets are essential items for organization, so anyone would be happy to have them. They would be great for jewelry. Make a few sets of them, as they are simple and quick as well.

crochet nesting baskets

Crochet Cozies 

Anything crochet cozy is so trendy and popular right now. There are tons of patterns out there for you to choose from.

These are easy items to crochet, very useful, and make amazing gifts. Therefore, they can make great crochet items to sell.

22 – Microwave bowl cozy

A desirable, functional, and eco-friendly item for the home. This microwave bowl cozy is another great pattern that will sure be a booth eye catching item.

crochet soup bowl cozy

23 – Can Cozy

Next in the list of crochet items to sell, we have these can cozies that you can make in less than an hour. Yet another fun and quick pattern for your market sales.

crochet can cozy free pattern

24 – Mug Cozy

These crochet mug cozies will look great in any color and are great for winter markets. Check this designer’s website out for more options, she has other great patterns for cozies.

crochet mug cozy pattern

25 – Wine Bottle Cozy

Holiday themed wine bottle cozies are great for gift giving, so make sure you have them in your inventory for the winter markets.

When displaying them, put one of them on an empty bottle for a good visual appeal.

crochet wine bottle cozy

26 – Candle Cozy

And when you think we have run out of cozy ideas, we have this gorgeous crochet candle cozy. What a fun and interesting gift this would be.

I know I would be so happy to get one of these on a candle as a gift.

crochet candle cozy pattern

Bathroom and Kitchen

Simple and functional bathroom and kitchen projects are also amazing crochet items to sell. Make sure you add them all, at least a few of each.

What makes them great is that they are in most people’s lists of home essentials. Additionally, they are quick and fun to crochet as well. 

27 – Face Scrubbies 

This is one of my most popular patterns here on the blog. I get lots of reviews on Etsy as well, saying how they love making them for gifts. 

The pattern has instructions for a pouch that can be used to store the scrubbies and for wash them in the machine. 

crochet face scrubbies pattern

28 – Soap Saver Pouches

These little bags are one the quickest projects in this whole list. You can make one in about 30 minutes. Not to mention, they are so easy to crochet, all you will use is single crochet and chain stitches.

crochet soap saver bag

29 – Dish Towel

Dish towels are larger than other items listed in this category but they are still fun and great crochet items to sell.

If you have time to plan accordingly, they would be a great addition to your inventory as well. 

crochet dish towel pattern

30 – Coasters with Basket Set

Have you been looking for good crochet makes for summer markets? Look no further. These drink coasters scream summer vibes and are super fun and functional at the same time.

crochet coaster and basket

31 – Hot Pads

These cute hot pads have some Spring vibe in them. I love the striped texture and the cheerful colors.

But you can use other colors as well and make them for any season, depending on when you will be selling.

crochet hot pad pattern

Stuffed Animals and Toys

If you are making toys, make sure you don’t make the super elaborated ones, as they take too long to finish. 

Please keep in mind that toys need to be safe. Meaning, there are regulations for anything that can be a choking hazard, such as buttons and safety eyes.

32 – Water Balloons

Water balloons are a hot summer trend for kids and are great for scrap yarn. Not to mention, they are tine projects, meaning you can make one in minutes.

crochet water balloon pattern

33 – Snuggle Bunny Amigurumi

This is a very simple crochet bunny to make, but you will need the basics of Amigurumi skills. It’s such a cute option for toys, as they would make adorable heirloom gifts.

crochet bunny Amigurumi pattern

34 – Mini Dino Amigurumi

Stuffed Dinosaurs are popular for kids, so they make great crochet items to sell as well. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry and will make such an adorable and colorful mini Dino.

crochet mini dino pattern

35 – Bunny Rattle Amigurumi

Rattles are relatively easy to crochet and are small enough to make them quick projects. Additionally, they are great gifts for babies and toddlers, making them popular items for craft fairs.

crochet baby rattle

36 – Octopus Squish Amigurumi

What I love the most about these cute and tiny octopus is that there is no sewing involved. Which makes them fun and super quick to make. What a fun gift this would be for kids and adults alike.

crochet mini octopus pattern

Other Small Crochet Items To Sell

Here are some additional crochet ideas that are perfect for selling at craft fairs. Remember, crochet items to sell need to be well-made, but not only that.

Display them in small stands in a way that’s eye-catching and easy to be seen. Please check the list of materials and supplies in the beginning of this article for display ideas.

37 – Gnome Keychains

If you are looking for small gift ideas to add to your inventory, check this pattern out. Aren’t these crochet gnome keychains the most adorable thing?

crochet gnome keychain pattern

38 – Sweater Ornaments

There are multiple possibilities for these cute tiny ugly sweaters. You could make into tags for presents, or you could also make keychains, tree ornaments, garlands. They are simply adorable.

crochet Christmas sweater ornament

39 – Cute Bookmarks

Bookmarks are simple, but thoughtful gifts. This pattern is so easy and quick that you would make many of them in no time. Use different colors of light weight yarns and hang them to display.

crochet bookmark pattern

40 – Baby Earflap Hat

Baby hats are always good crochet items to sell. So, I am adding one more cute and easy option here. This pattern is a free download on Ravelry and uses worsted weight (#4) yarn.

crochet baby hat

41 – French Market Bag

French market bags will also make great additions to your inventory. They are made with net or mesh stitches that are very quick to crochet.

Make sure you add a few of them to your inventory of crochet items to sell.

crochet trench market bag pattern

What to do next

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or if you just would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

Pin this list of patterns to your Pinterest Boards to make later.

Final thoughts

Whichever pattern in this list of crochet items to sell you choose, I hope you have fun making them. Hopefully, you found at least a few that you love.

Remember, starting a small business may be serious, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You are an amazing maker and will make beautiful crochet stuff. And that my friend, is what takes you half way there.

Most of the time it’s good if you have at least a rough idea of what you’re doing when starting a business. But don’t let the fear prevent you from starting. At the end, you will always find the way into learning what works best for you.

Have fun in your crochet business journey and happy sales!

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