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40+ Fun Things To Crochet | Free Patterns

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Looking for fun things to crochet? I know a quick internet search will bring you thousands of patterns to choose from. But what makes a pattern fun to crochet? I know it can be overwhelming to decide.

That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you find your next fun crochet project. Along with my tips, you will find 40+ fun ideas to crochet when you’re bored or whenever you feel like it. And they are all free patterns.

The best part about most of these patterns is that they can be completed in just a few hours. I’ve also carefully selected projects that are practical and useful. Whether you’re looking into making something for yourself, for your home or for gifting, this list has everything. 

Fun things to crochet collage

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What are some fun things to crochet?

Choosing projects that are fun to crochet doesn’t mean they have to be necessarily easy. It’s all about what will make you relax and rewind. Here are some ideas:

  • Amigurumi and other stuff for kids: such as toys, freeze pop holders and small blankets.
  • Crochet things for the home: such as kitchen towels, potholders, wall hangings, coasters, and pillows.
  • Bathroom crochet projects: such as washcloths, soap saver pouches, and face scrubbies.
  • Crochet things for gifts: such as purses, scarves, hats, and keychains.
  • Seasonal crochet projects: such as Easter baskets and eggs, Christmas, and Halloween decorations.
  • Jewelry and accessories: such as earrings, bracelets, and scrunchies.

By the way, a fun crochet project is one that you won’t feel like you have to make it for the sake of finishing it. So, what makes a crochet project fun? 

I’ve listed some tips and ideas below that I hope will inspire you into picking something you will love to crochet.

Tips for choosing fun crochet projects

Being a crocheter myself, one of the things that makes me happy about crochet is the feeling of accomplishment when I finish something. But projects that are mindful and help me to relax are my favorite ones. 

Here are my tips to pick fun things to crochet:

Tip# 1: Choose patterns with consistent repetitions

If you’ve been crocheting for a while and have been learning how to read patterns, you will know what I mean. But a consistent repetition means you will crochet the foundation row, then the second and/or third rows will be repeated throughout.

We call it “row-repeat”, meaning the pattern will give you the instructions for the first and second rows. Then all you have to do next is to repeat it through the end.

This is fun because it doesn’t require acute concentration and counting. Meaning you can focus on the process and not on having to think about what to do next.

Tip# 2: Make practical projects

Practical crochet projects can be anything that you have fun working on, buy that will have a purpose. The feeling of making something that will be useful is great.

But what is a practical crochet project? Anything that will be used at your home or that makes great gifts are practical projects are fun things to crochet. Such as baskets, towels, scrubbies, blankets, bags, and pillows.

Tip# 3: Use big yarns for larger projects

Most crochet projects that are made with worsted weight / Aran (#4) yarns or bigger build up fast. Therefore, you will most likely have more fun things to crochet quickly.

Does that mean that thin yarn projects are not fun? It depends, a project with light worsted yarns or thinner can still be fun. Again, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a pattern. 

I started using thin yarns not too long ago, and I have made some very fun projects. Like this crochet rectangular shawl, I had lots of fun making it and I loved how it turned out.

Tip# 4: Engage with your community

By engaging I don’t mean it has to be in person. You won’t believe how big the online crochet community is. By the way, our crochet pals are the only ones who will understand the excitement of having a project done.

If you don’t feel like engaging or sharing your projects, you can still join Facebook groups to read tips, see pictures and get inspired. And it’s a way to find out what’s trending as well.

Fun Things To Crochet

Many of these crochet projects will make thoughtful handmade gifts, while others might even be worthy of selling at markets. Whatever you choose to make it for, I hope you will have fun.

I’ve broken the list into categories, so you don’t have to think much about what they are for and just pick the ones you love.

Fun Things To Crochet For Kids

Crochet projects for kids are probably among the ones you will have the most fun with. Not to mention, there is a huge range of patterns out there to choose from.

Typically, they are all quick and easy projects that you can finish in no time. Whether you’re looking for toys, blankets, hats, or stuffed animals, I hope you find something you will love here. Here are some great and fun crochet patterns for kids:

Brachiosaurus Crochet Pattern

This first item in the list of fun things to crochet is not the average Amigurumi project. The technique used in this cute dinosaur is called Ragdoll, which consists of two panels crocheted in back-and-forth rows, then sewn together forming a 2D shaped toy.

a blue 2D crochet brachiosaurus
Photo Credit: Spin A Yarn Crochet

Crochet Baby Bear Hats

This pattern has instructions for 5 sizes. While it’s so simple to crochet, it’s one of cutest crochet baby patterns you will see. Those little bear ears are just so adorable.

colorful crochet baby hats
Photo Credit: Okie Girl Bling n’ Things

Crochet Baby Boho Sundress

Cuteness overload! Next in the list of fun things to crochet is one of those patterns you know you will have fun making just by looking at this adorable picture. I want to make this baby dress, even though I don’t have a baby, that’s how much I love this pattern.

baby girl wearing a crochet dress
Photo Credit: Daisy Farm Crafts

Crochet Water Balloons

Next up in the list of fun things to crochet we have these reusable water balloons. And there are many other reasons you will love them: they are eco-friendly, easy to make and to care for, to name a few.

colorful crochet water balloons
Photo Credit: Stitch By Fay

Crocodile Freeze Pop Holder

Freeze pop holders are an amazing summer addition to keep your kids’ hands from getting cold while they enjoy their pops. But this adorable crocodile shaped one will take fun to the next level.

green crochet crocodile freeze pop holder
Photo Credit: Jo To The World

Crochet Frog Hat

Frogs are always fun to crochet, regardless of what you’re making. And this hat is no exception, you will have instructions for sizes ranging from baby to adult. 

a baby wearing a crochet frog hat
Photo Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Fun Things To Crochet For The Home

Home décor is the next category that has a wide range of fun things to crochet. Generally, patterns for the home are easy to customize, which makes them satisfying projects to work with.

You can make things that are either functional and useful or just for decoration. The possibilities and choices are endless. And here are some ideas I hope you will love:

Farmhouse Crochet Potholder

This color-blocking, super thick crochet potholder will be your next crochet addiction. Pick your favorite yarn shades to match your decoration and you’ll have your next practical, fancy and chick addition to your kitchen. 

a hand holding a crochet potholder
Photo Credit: Yarn + Chai

Crochet Drink Coasters and Holder Set

Yet another functional and useful item in the list of fun things to crochet for your home. The pattern for this crochet coasters and holder set is available here on the blog. And thought it would make fun option to include in this list. 

crochet coaster and basket holder

Moon Rise Crochet Wall Hanging

Is colorwork intimidating to you? If it’s your first time doing it, I bet you will love this super fun wall hanging. It’s small enough to get you into the technique and has a graph with lots of instructions.

a colorful crochet wall hanging
Photo Credit: Divine Debris

Crochet Kitchen Towel Pattern

This kitchen towel will add some farmhouse charm to your home and is one of those fun things to crochet that’s not only practical, but so quick and easy. Add this to your list of next additions to your home housewarming gifts to make.

a white and gray crochet kitchen towel
Photo Credit: Jewels And Jones

Bohemian Crochet Pillow Pattern

Here is a perfect example of a home décor piece that’s simple doesn’t have to be boring. This beautiful pillow pattern was designed with a combination of stitches that gives it such a modern texture.

a green crochet pillow
Photo Credit: Jo To The World

Crochet Hanging Baskets

Since fun and functional is all about what this roundup is, I knew I wanted to add this pattern as soon as I saw the picture. If you like to incorporate handmade into your home décor, these baskets will bring a touch of charm while keeping your home tidy.

crochet baskets hanging
Photo Credit: LeeLee Knits

Fun Things To Crochet For The Bathroom

Yet another category with lots of fun things to crochet. Among my favorite bathroom crochet projects are face scrubbies and spa sets in general. Also soap saver, washcloths, and small floor mats.

And, of course, these are all projects that are functional, fun, easy and quick to crochet as well. Here are some of my favorite patterns:

Crochet Face Scrubbies & Bag Set

This is by far my most shared and best-selling pattern ever. When I created this spa set, I didn’t expect it to be so loved. 

I have people reach out to me all the time to tell me how they had fun making them. And two of the reasons why they make them are for craft markets and gifts.

blue and white crochet face scrubbies and bag

Crochet Soap Saver Pattern

Soap savers are, along with face scrubbies, a great addition to a spa set. They are not only eco-friendly since they save your soap leftovers, but they are easy, fun, and quick. 

This pattern is a great stash burster and scrap yarn project. It’s an amazing and fun project for beginners and experienced crocheters alike.

crochet soap saver pouches

Mini Crochet Spa Pouf 

This mini crochet spa pouf was part of a CAL (Crochet Along) by Fiber Flux, where she released patterns for a whole spa set. If you’re looking for a mini, fun project, this is one that you will love to make.

a tan crochet bathroom pouf
Photo Credit: Fiber Flux Blog

Crochet Bath Set Pattern

Next in the list of fun things to crochet, you have a full set of bathroom essentials. Such a fun project, you can make all the items or pick the ones you would use the most and make them with your favorite colors.

crochet bath and spa set
Photo Credit: The Loophole Fox

Mosaic Crochet Basket

Next up in the list of fun things to crochet, this mosaic crochet basket would be a great first mosaic crochet project if you would like to try it. This is a colorwork technique where you create intricate patterns by switching colors and working over the stitches in previous rows.

mosaic stitch crochet basket

Photo Credit: Hooked On Homemade Happiness

Fun Things to Crochet That are Unusual

This category can include anything out of the ordinary, that it’s not for everyone. If you go to google or Pinterest and do a quick search, you won’t believe the amount of odd crochet patterns there is.

It can range from mature adult stuff to weird animal and monster designs. You can even find horror bouquet of flowers. Here are a few ideas:

Crochet Chair Socks

Who knew chairs need socks, right? But did you know they are very useful to keep the chairs from scratching your floors and if you live in an apartment, they are great to prevent noise as well.

chair leg with a crochet cat paw sock on
Photo Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Balloon Dog

I added this next pattern in the list of fun things to crochet because it’s such a different and unusual crochet project that will be great for gifts. A balloon dog that will never pop or deflate, so unique and interesting.

a blue crochet balloon dog
Photo Credit: Gloria B’s Ravelry Store

Lily Crochet Kitty Tote

I know many kitty lovers that would be so happy with a crochet kitty tote. Yet another pattern that ‘s so unique and unusual. 

And it can be customized to whatever colors you like. If you don’t want to make it a kitty, leave the ears and all the embroidery out and you will still have a nice tote bag.

a tan and orange crochet kitty tote bag
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Pudgy Piggy Crochet Slippers

These slippers take the meaning of unusual to a total new level. The pattern is unusual because it’s not easily found anywhere else and because there are instructions for a lining where you can insert fiberfill and make it super extra cozy.

a child wearing crochet pig slippers
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Fish Crochet Plastic Bag Holder

Next up in the list of fun things to crochet, we have a very unusual patter for a plastic bag holder. I know plastic bags have been banned in most locations around the US, but this still a nice pattern that can adapt for other storage needs if you like.

crochet plastic bag holder
Photo Credit: Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs

Crochet Hearts Doily

And here is an unusual and unique doily pattern. Hard do find a pattern for a doily with colorwork such as this one. Make it to show love to someone, such as a Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift.

a pink and blue crochet hearts doily

A super sweet way to celebrate the end of the year holidays in a unique style. This snowflake sugar cookie scarf is sure an unusual crochet project without being too over the top.

woman wearing a crochet snowflake scarf
Photo Credit: Twinkie Chan

Fun Things To Crochet For Gifts

When it comes to gifting with crochet, accessories and home décor are always good choices. Of course, most patterns listed on the other categories here will make great gifts as well.

Ultimately, it’s all about having fun while making something unique to a loved one that will make them feel special. Here are some pattern ideas for gifts:

Crochet Mason Jar Cover

If you’re looking for something not so personal, but still thoughtful and unique, this mason jar cozies are perfect. Mason jars are usually affordable, so you can make them to gift with some real flowers. I know I would be happy to receive something like that.

green crochet cozy on a mason jar
Photo Credit: Yarn + Chai & Little Monkey’s Crochet

Fun Crochet Granny Square Bag

Next in the list of fun things to crochet, we have this stylish granny square bag. By the way, everything is fun about this bag, the colors, the design, the size, I love it.

lady holding a granny square bag
Photo Credit: The Purple Poncho

Crochet Cup Cozy

Drink cozies are not only fun to crochet, but they are also amazing options for gifts. You can literally crochet one of this in no time. Not to mention, they are great stash bursters as well.

three crochet drink cozies
Photo Credit: The Turtle Trunk

Crochet Ribbed Beanie

Beanies are great for gifting for the holidays. Not only because they are cozy and everyone will wear them, but because they are fun and quick crochet. This one is made from a simple rectangle.

blue crochet ribbed beanie with Pom Pom

Crochet Lace Bookmark

This is a vintage crochet bookmark designed with lace yarn as an addition to the list of fun things to crochet. Yet another thoughtful and delicate choice of gifts for that friend or family member that’s a book lover.

crochet lacy bookmarks on top of a book
Photo Credit: Kirsten Holloway Designs

Crochet Hot Pads

These hot pads have all the vibes of summer and a beautiful texture. But you can make them in any colors you like. It’s an amazing option for a housewarming gift.

pink and green crochet hot pads
Photo Credit: Daisy Farm Crafts

Bernat Sunshine Crochet Pillow

Yet another fun crochet project that will make a great gift for kids or for anyone who loves decoration their home with vibrant colors. This crochet pillow is not only fun, but also quick and easy to crochet.

crochet sunshine pillow
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Seasonal Fun Crochet Projects

Do you have a favorite season and or holiday to crochet for? Mine is Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. I always look forward to crocheting something for those occasions every year.

If you need an excuse to start a new crochet project, the seasonal ones are perfect for that. Not only you can make them for your home decoration, but also to gift friends and family. Here are some seasonal, fun things to crochet:

St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag

Yet another amazing pattern for your list of fun things to crochet. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will be so fun with this little pouch to store treats for the little ones.

two St. Patrick's Day Crochet Treat Bags
Photo Credit: Yarn + Chai

Crochet Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs couldn’t be out of this list of fun things to crochet. They are the perfect little Amigurumi projects because they are… well, oval shaped, which is amazingly easy and fun to make.

crochet Easter eggs

Crochet Halloween Ghost

At the time of writing this blog post, this crochet ghost was my latest creation for the blog. Amigurumi is one of my favorite things to make, and this one requires zero sewing.

crochet ghost with witch hat

Crochet Velvet Pumpkins

I’ve included multiple patterns in this list that are made with velvet yarn. I love that it is so lustrous and soft, which makes everything look glamorous. And this cute pumpkins are amazingly fun to crochet.

velvet crochet pumpkins

Crochet Christmas Wine Bottle Cozy

I love the feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face with something that I made. And this Christmas crochet wine bottle cozy is a perfect way to do that.

green crochet wine bottle cozy
Photo Credit: A Crocheted Simplicity

Fun Crochet Jewelry & Accessories

What I love the most about crocheting jewelry is that they are like mixed media projects. You can keep them simple, but you can also go wild creative and use all the jewelry hardware to make them interesting and fancy. 

Here is the last batch of patterns in the list of fun things to crochet:

Round Crochet Earrings

This is a round-drop style earrings and is easy to customize. The instructions in the pattern are for three sizes, so you can make them as small or as big as you like.

two pairs of round crochet earrings

Crochet Bracelet

Next up in the list of fun things to crochet, you have this gorgeous and delicate bracelet. What about the patter is that you can make it adjustable, which is great if you’re making if for gifts.

hand and arm wearing crochet bracelets
Photo Credit: Sweet Softies

Mommy & Me Messy bun hats

Do you have a little girl in your life? Then you will have so much fun making these mommy-and-me messy bun hats. They are fun to make for yourself and your little one, or for gifting.

mom and daughter matching crochet hats
Photo Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Scrunchies

Velvet crochet scrunchies are not only fun to make, but they also luxurious items that make amazing gifts. Not to mention, you can make one in minutes.

many pink and white crochet scrunchies
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Velvet Twist Headband

Am I the only one who thinks velvet yarns give crochet accessories a glamorous shine and makes them look fancy? This one is made with cable stitch that makes it so beautiful.

three velvet yarn crochet headbands
Photo Credit: Daisy Farm Crafts

More Crochet Collections You Will Love

Have you made these patterns?

I would love to hear back from you. Drop a comment below if you made something from this list. Or if you have any questions or would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

Pin this list of fun things to crochet to your Pinterest boards for later:

Final Thoughts

I hope I have inspired you with this list of fun things to crochet. Whether you’re looking for something small or a larger project, these patterns sure are amazing choices.

Please keep in mind that a fun pattern is not only one that’s easy and quick, but it’s one that you will enjoy making. However, if you make a mistake, set it aside and start over later.

Maybe even start something new. And it’s okay if you lose interest for something you started. This is the beauty of handmade, you do it because it makes you happy. Enjoy!   

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