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30+ Stinkin’ Cute Crochet Pig Patterns (Oink!)

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Pigs are some of the most adorable farm animals, aren’t they? And, of course, they are popular animals to crochet as well. Whether you’re looking for Amigurumi or other pig themed projects, you will love this crochet pig patterns collection.

Normally, pigs are well liked by crocheters because they are relatively easy, for the most part. Regardless of your skill level, they are doable by advanced crocheters and beginners alike. And the reason why they are easy is because they are often small and require very basic stitches and techniques.

I’ve carefully curated this crochet pig patterns list with variety in mind and tried to add as many patterns as possible. Here, you’ll have a great collection to refer to, not only Amigurumi. But as well as bags, potholders, cushions, finger puppets, blankets, and even slippers. Whatever you choose to make, I hope you will have tons of fun.

Crochet pig patterns
Adorable Crochet Pig Patterns

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Why you’ll Love These Crochet Pig Patterns

That pigs are stinkin’ adorable, we already know. And that’s probably why you’re here looking for a good pattern, right? Here are some additional reasons why you’ll love crocheting pigs:

  1. They are great for gift-giving – it’s a loved animal by boys and girls (and kids at heart, too!).
  2. Educational or storytelling – are you teaching little kids about farm animals? Crochet pig finger puppets.
  3. Great market sellers – since they are loved by most kids (and adults, too!), they sell well at craft markets.
  4. Easy and fun – most pig patterns are suitable for experienced crocheters and beginners alike. If you know how to single crochet, most of these patterns will be doable.
  5. Donation and charity – pigs are usually quick to crochet, which makes them great crochet animals for charity.
  6. Nursery décor – farm themed decoration for nursery is so popular. That means pigs are indispensable if you’re looking for the best crochet animals for that purpose.

Success Tips for Crocheting Pigs

I’ve tried to diversify this pattern collection and include other options, other than Amigurumi. But most crochet pig patterns are 3D shaped and made with single crochet stitches. What else should you keep in mind to successfully crochet a pig? 

My tips are:

  1. First and foremost, master your basic Amigurumi technique skills – magic circle, single crochet in continuous rounds, and invisible decrease are some of the most important things to know.
  2. Make sure you have all the supplies you need. All good patterns have a list of materials.
  3. Whenever possible, use the recommended materials – not all yarns, for example, are suitable for all pig patterns (more on the best yarn types below). 
  4. Use a smaller hook for Amigurumi – otherwise, you will have loose stitches, which will result in large holes and allow the fiber to show through. 
  5. Learn how to read crochet patterns – US and UK crochet terminologies are the most common in English patterns. The Craft Yarn Council is an amazing source to learn about crochet.
  6. Read the pattern notes and instructions carefully – this will tell you what you need to do to make sure that things like size, for example, suit your needs.
  7. Do not try to change the pattern – unless you’re experienced in adapting patterns, it’s always important to follow the pattern as is. That way you will have the result you’re looking for.
Crochet pig patterns
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What Yarns are Best for Crochet Pigs?

My favorite yarns for crochet pigs are worsted (#4), bulky (#5), and super bulky (#6). However, if I’m using bulky or super bulky yarns, I prefer velvet or chenille. The furry texture of these two last options is amazing for Amigurumi pigs.

Here is a list of my tried and approved yarns:

  • Red Heart Super Saver – the first pig in this list was make with this yarn. This yarn is a great, and affordable, acrylic option.
  • 24/7 by Lion Brand – this is my “go-to” mercerized cotton yarn, for Amigurumi. And it’s a great option for garments and home décor projects as well.
  • I Love this Cotton by Hobby Lobby – this is by far my favorite non-mercerized cotton yarn. 
  • Bernat Velvet – give your piggies a soft, furry texture, with this amazing velvet yarn by Yarnspirations.
  • Premier Parfait yarn – this is my favorite chenille yarn, along with Baby Snuggle by Hobbii.

Crochet Pig Patterns the List (free & paid)

Generally, I try to find as many free patterns as possible for my roundups. But I couldn’t resist to some of the adorable paid patterns I stumbled upon when I was searching. Then, why not give you all these amazing piggy options to choose from?

One great thing about paid crochet PDF downloads is that they are often so inexpensive. And they are ad free! With that said, whenever possible, please consider supporting a crochet designer by purchasing their patterns.

More Pattern Collections

While you’re browsing, check these other pattern roundups out. My lists are always packed with the best crochet patterns.

Final Thoughts

If you perused thought this list, you may have noticed most these crochet pig patterns are suitable for beginners. Normally, it will take you very basic skills to crochet pigs. With that said, even if you haven’t crocheted a pig before, give it a try. I am sure you will have so much fun with the experience.

Pigs are small, and for that reason they can be quick to work on. Are you still wondering what pattern to choose? You can always save this list for later. Below are some easy ways you can have it saved, so you can refer to it at time you like.

Would you rather bookmark this list for later? You can create a free account and use the “heart” on the left hand side of your screen to save it. It’s an easy way to have your internet favorites bookmarked in one place.

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