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Quick & Easy Crochet Scrunchie Pattern (Free!)

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Scrunchies are stylish and trendy hair accessories that are loved by most medium and long-haired people. Make your own in no time with this beginner free crochet scrunchie pattern. Whether you’re looking for a casual or a fancy hair accessory, you can have it all with this one.

There are many reasons why people love scrunchies. And some of them are because they are fashionable, versatile, and practical. But not only that! They are also beneficial to your hair because the hair tie is encased in a layer of fabric (or stitches). Which makes them gentle and pain-free accessories that also prevent hair damage.

I was looking for a way to create this crochet scrunchie pattern less bulky but that still looked pretty. So, I experimented with some different stitches and found the perfect technique to make it. You’ll be using only single crochet stiches and chains for this pattern. Keep scrolling for the details, materials, and step-by-step instructions. I hope you enjoy making it!

Crochet Scrunchie Pattern
Crochet Scrunchies Closeup

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Crochet Scrunchies are Great for Beginners

Scrunchies are amazing projects for beginner crocheters because they are small and easy. They are the kind of project that won’t discourage you if you have to frog and start over.

Also, don’t be intimidated by the elastic placement. It’s easier than you think and in no time, you will get used to the technique.

Another reason scrunchies are great beginner projects is because they take only a small amount of yarn. Which makes them inexpensive and affordable handmade items. Whether you are making a few or several, for markets or gifts, you won’t spend much.

Crochet Scrunchies Success Tips

Scrunchies are easy to crochet, but if you use the wrong yarn or hair tie, the result may not be the best. Here are my tips and tricks to crochet amazing scrunchies every time:

  • Choose the right yarn – chenille and velvet, although they are thick, the fur is gentle and silky. Making them the perfect option for scrunchies.
  • Use good quality hair ties – once you are done with a scrunchie, if the hair elastic breaks or comes apart there is no going back. So please use good and sturdy hair ties (more on the hair ties below).
  • Don’t do too many stitches – the right number of stitches for a crochet scrunchie pattern will cover the hair elastic when stretched but won’t make it too bulky when un-stretched.
  • Use a smaller hook – stitch tension matters a lot for crochet scrunchies. If you make your stitches too loose, they will be all over the place when your scrunchie is cinched.

Reasons to Make Crochet Scrunchies

Scrunchies have been high demand, modern hair accessories that are always coming back to the fashion world. But what else makes them great crochet projects?

  • Easy and quick – if you’re looking for crochet projects that are not only fun, but quick and easy, make scrunchies. This crochet scrunchie pattern will take you only about 10 minutes, depending on your skill level.
  • Washable – crochet scrunchies are easy to care for and are washable, like any other fabric scrunchies. Just toss them in the washing machine inside a laundry bag.
  • Protects your hair – the soft yarn texture makes it a great option to avoid hair breakage. So, they are better than regular hair ties and elastics.
  • Amazing gifts – anyone with long hair will likely appreciate and love crochet scrunchies as gifts. Not only girls, but they have been a trend amongst long haired men as well.
  • Great crochet market sellers – if you want to make a profit with your handmade items, crochet scrunchies are items that sell fast. And you don’t spend lots of money, and time, making them.
Crochet Scrunchie Pattern
Colorful crochet scrunchies

What Yarn is Best for a Crochet Scrunchie?

The best yarns for crochet scrunchies are bulky (#5) or super bulky (#6) Chenille or Velvet Yarns. Why? Because they are soft, comfortable and they look fancy. 

Another reason why I like Chenille and Velvet yarns is because you can use smaller hooks with them. They are bulky, but don’t feel chunky and rough, which makes them easy to work with.

Here the yarns used in the samples pictured in this crochet scrunchie pattern:

Are Acrylic and Cotton Yarns Good for Scrunchies?

They certainly are! But scrunchies need to be comfortable, and for that reason you should pick a light weight and gentle yarn. Among the great options are non-mercerized cotton and bamboo blends. Polyester blends are another good choice, because they are soft, durable, and easy to care for.

Another reason that lighter weight yarns are good is that they make your scrunchies less bulky. That said, please stick with worsted weight (#4), or lighter, if you’re using yarns that are not chenille or velvet. Like the ones pictured in this crochet scrunchie pattern. 

Wait! Aren’t most chenille yarns bulky or super bulky? Yes, they are. But the nature of the silky/light fuzz makes them lighter than what the label says.

What’s the Best Elastic for Crochet Scrunchies?

I recommend 4mm to 6mm no-metal elastic hair ties. They are not only gentle on your hair but are thick enough to give your scrunchies the perfect stretch. Goody Ouchless have been my favorite hair elastic ties ever and are the ones I used for this crochet scrunchie pattern.

I have long hair with medium thickness, and these are good enough to hold it up and I even wear them in my messy buns. However, if you have a huge volume of thick, curly hair, you will probably want to go up a little in thickness. 

Crochet Scrunchie Pattern Materials

Here are the supplies and tools you will be using to make this crochet scrunchie:

  • 3.5 mm (US E) crochet hookClover Amour are one of my favorite brands.
  • Bulky (#5) or Super Bulky (#6) Chenille Yarn – more about the yarn and amount above.
  • Elastic Hair Ties – I used the Goody Ouchless brand (more about the hair ties above).
  • A pair of sharp yarn Scissors.
  • Tapestry Needle to weave in the ends.
  • Stitch marker (optional) – may be helpful if you’re a beginner and find it hard working with chenille yarn.
Crochet scrunchie pattern materials
Crochet Scrunchie Pattern Materials

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Crochet Scrunchie Pattern Instructions

The full pattern with step-by-step photos is below, but here are the basic instructions:

  1. Firstly, crochet a chain strip about 2 times as long as your unstretched hair elastic circumference.
  2. Secondly, crochet a row of single crochet stitches in each of the top loops of chains across, carrying the elastic to encase it inside the stitches as you go. 
  3. Thirdly, join with a slip stitch to the first single crochet stitch to close the ring.
  4. Next, crochet slip stiches followed by 3 chains, in each single crochet stitch across.
  5. Then, without cutting the yarn, repeat the previous step on the opposite loops of the foundation chains.
  6. Finish with a slip stitch to join. Fasten off. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends.
scrunchies process shots collage

Other Pattern Notes

This crochet scrunchie pattern uses US crochet terminology.

Level of difficulty: Easy.

Size: This is going to be a standard scrunchie size when you use the recommended material. Approximately 3” (7.5 cm) to 3.5” (9 cm) in diameter.

  • This pattern will look better with tight stitches. The smaller hook recommended in the material list will help with keeping the tension tight. But if you crochet lose, you may need to go down one hook size.
  • Stitch count is not crucial for this pattern. You may add or subtract stitches as needed, if you feel you need to adjust the “fullness” of you scrunchie.
  • The ideal number of stitches is as many as needed to cover the hair tie when you stretch the scrunchie to tie your hair.

Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • ch(s): Chain(s)
  • FO: Fasten Off
  • RS: right side
  • WS: wrong side
  • sc: single crochet
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • ( ):  repeat instructions within parenthesis as many times as directed.

Crochet Scrunchie Pattern Step by Step

Crochet Scrunchie Pattern

With no further ado, here is the pattern instructions. Like mentioned earlier in this blog post, this is a super easy pattern. Only a few steps and can be made super quick.

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Foundation chains

    green yarn and hook

    Leaving a long tail of about 5” (13 cm), ch 40 or as many chs as needed to make a strip about 2 times as long as the hair tie circumference.
    If you’re using super bulky (#6) yarn, a few chains less work best (I used 36 chs, instead of 40). Do not join to form a ring yet.
    Tip: if you’re new to chenille or velvet yarns, it may be a little hard to see the stitches. You could benefit from some practicing before you attach the hair tie, so you get used to feeling the stitches, instead of seeing them. Also, stitch markers may be helpful with this crochet scrunchie pattern.

  2. Round 1

    hand holding yarn and hook

    Bring the hair tie close to the first chain. Then, sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc in the top loop of every ch across (RS), carrying the hair tie under the stitches as you go, sl st to first sc st to join. Do not cut the yarn yet.
    Tip: As you proceed to the end of the row of sc sts, it may get a little harder. But you can pull the sts to cinch them in the hair elastic as you go.

  3. Close initial gap

    green yarn and hook

    Thread the tapestry needle with the initial yarn tail and make a stitch to close the gap between the first and last chain. It’s possible to do this step with the crochet hook as well. Whatever is easier for you.

  4. Round 2

    green yarn and hook

    (Ch 3, sl st in next sc st) across. Do not cut the yarn yet.
    Tip: at this point, your stitches are all cinched around the elastic. If you can’t see them, use your fingers to stretch the project as you go to see them better.

  5. Round 3

    green yarn and hook

    Now, release the hook from the last stitch and insert it in the corresponding opposite st (from WS), in the foundation.

    Then, grab the last loop with the crochet hook and pull it through to bring it to the inside the scrunchie. Next, ch 3 to start another round, but now going in the opposite direction (so you can keep both rounds in the right side of the project).

    Repeat what you did in round 2 across.

    Note: You can cut the yarn to start this last step if you find it easier that way. To be honest, in a small project like this one, I avoid all the ends that I can, so it was perfectly fine to proceed without cutting the yarn.

  6. Finish Off

    green yarn and hook

    Cut the yarn once you’re done with the previous step. FO. Weave in the ends with a tapestry needle.

    Your crochet scrunchie pattern is done!

Estimated Cost: 3.00 USD


  • Bulky (#5) or Super Bulky (#6) chenille or velvet yarn


  • 3.5 mm (US E) crochet hook, Scissors, Tapestry needle

Materials: Elastic Hair Ties, Stitch marker (optional)

Would you rather have a PDF?

An inexpensive PDF download for this crochet scrunchie pattern can be purchased in my pattern shops here:

What to do next

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Crochet Scrunchie Pattern
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