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40+ Quick crochet gifts FREE pattern Ideas 2024 

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There is nothing as special as gifting a loved one with a handmade gift. I’ve put together an amazing list of pattern ideas for quick crochet gifts that can be used for any special occasion. Whether you’re looking into making something for friends, moms, dads, or anyone else, you’ll find the best ideas in this roundup.

Gifting someone with these last minute crochet ideas will sure be something they will love. Not only because they are unique, but also because making something for a loved one is a special way to show appreciation and love. Not to mention, most of these patterns are amazing stash-busting projects.

Quick Crochet Gifts

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Special occasions for crochet gifts

Note that the ideas listed below will make great gifts for most occasions. Here are some of the most special occasions you can gift with crochet items.

  1. Valentine’s Day and anniversaries: there are tons of love themed patterns, a quick search on google or Pinterest will give you endless options. But any crochet heart-shaped item, wine cozies, cozy blankets, will make great gifts for those occasions.
  2. Easter: this is a great occasion to gift kids with crochet baskets, bunnies, eggs. I have some Easter Patterns here on the blog that will make great gifts.
  3. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: Crochet gifts for moms and dads are usually easy to guess because you know them well. But spa sets, coffee cozies, flowers, plant holders for mom. And hats, scarves, wine cozies, are some of the options for dad.
  4. Baby showers: baby crochet patterns are abundantly available as well, baby blankets, rattles, stuffed animals for nursery decoration are great for babies.
  5. Birthdays and graduations: scarves, hats, bags, tablet and laptop sleeves are all great for those occasions.
  6. End of the year holidays: all previous gift ideas are great for the Holidays, but you can add Christmas themed items, such as ornaments, stocking, themed kitchen and hand towels.

Supplies you need to make quick crochet gifts

You will be using these supplies for most patterns in this list.

  • Crochet hooks: make sure you check each pattern for the recommended hook size. It’s a good idea to have different sizes of hooks for when you need them.
  • Luxury yarns: nothing feels more special than gifting someone with something you made with your own hands. And caring about the quality of the material you use, makes it even more special.
  • Regular Yarns: Keep in mind that there are great quality yarns that’s not made of luxury fibers. Such as cotton and cotton blends, they are usually great yarns for gifts.
  • Scissors: invest in a few pairs of sharp yarn scissors because they are very useful
  • Stitch Markers: these are a must have in your supply bin. Stitch markers are helpful to keep track of your stitches, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Tapestry Needles: my favorite needles are the ones with the bent tips. In my experience, they slide into small stitches easier.
  • Stuffing fiber: this is another material that needs to be good quality. I like PoliFil for my stuffed animals and dolls, it holds their shape longer, even after I wash them.
  • Safety eyes: not only eyes, but also safety noses, these are on the the essential Amigurumi making supplies you will use a lot.

Making quick crochet gifts that look professional

Have you ever had a special occasion you wanted to gift a loved one something unique, but the store-bought gifts didn’t seem to be the right ones? I get it!

Here is what you can do to make your crochet gifts to look like the store-bought ones.

Use luxury yarns to make them

But because you’re making quick crochet gifts, it doesn’t mean they can’t look fancy. So, let’s say you are gifting someone with a scarf, consider ordering super wash merino wool to make it.

They are not only luxury yarns, but they are soft durable as well. Not to mention, scarves and cowls don’t take a whole lot of yarn, so they would be the perfect projects to be made with fancy yarns. 

Add some finishing touches

Simple and quick crochet gifts don’t need to look boring. You can add some finishing touches to make them look fancy, professional and thoughtful. 

And by finishing touches, I mean things like a custom leather label and a handwritten card with care instructions. Or you can create a special package and embellish it with ribbons, cute buttons and appliqués.

Choose a project that suits your skills

Please don’t choose projects that are too complicated. This is not only going to frustrate you, but it won’t probably look so professional.

It takes time to master your skills to make something that looks professional enough to be gifted. Choose small projects that call for simple stitches. Such as chains, single crochet, double crochet, half-double crochet stitches.

quick crochet gifts free patterns
Patterns for Quick Crochet Gifts

Other pattern collections you will love

Before you dive into the list of quick crochet gifts, you may want to take a peek at these other pattern collections here on the blog.

FREE Patterns for Quick Crochet Gifts 

Let’s get into the list of FREE patterns for quick crochet gifts. I hope you love making these amazing projects and that, whatever you choose, will bring joy to whoever is getting your special gift.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Final thoughts

If you made it to the end of this post, I hope you have loved this list of quick crochet gifts. Whatever occasion you are making gifts for, and to whoever they are, I am sure you will have tons of fun.

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