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46 Adorable Crochet Gnome Patterns – Free & Paid!

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If you were looking for adorable crochet gnome patterns, look no further. This list has 46 patterns for gnome themed pillows, blankets, Amigurumi and more.

A quick web search will bring you a variety of patterns, for all tastes and skills. But it’s always good when you don’t have to spend time looking it up yourself. And that’s what this list is for, to give you many options in one place.

Cute crochet gnome patterns

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The reasons why crochet gnomes are great

Gnomes are little bearded creatures that are part of the Nordic and Scandinavian folklore. These little guys have been trending in the crochet community for a while. But why should you make them?

  • Versatile – Crochet gnome patterns are available in a variety of projects, such as blankets, pillows, Amigurumi dolls and more. Make them to decorate your home as cute dolls or as cuddly blankets to snuggle with.
  • Adorable gifts – these little imaginary creatures are great for gifts for children or for gnome lovers. In the form of dolls, they will make great gifts for many occasions.
  • Easy to customize – Crochet them with your favorite yarn colors, add accessories to make them fun, embroider the details, make them the way you like.
  • Fun projects – Gnomes are known for being fun to crochet. Depending on what you are making, you can use multiple colors of yarn and make them super cheerful.

How to crochet a gnome

Here is a list of steps to start crocheting your gnome:

  1. Firstly, decide on a pattern for your project. Free or paid, there are hundreds available online and many are free to view on the designer’s websites.
  2. Secondly, choose your yarn. It may be possible that you already have it in your stash. Most patterns will call for multiple colors of yarn.
  3. Next, gather other supplies you will need, such as a crochet hook, stuffing fiber, tapestry needle and scissors. The best way to know what you need, is by checking the pattern for the list of materials.
  4. Then, check the skills needed. Amigurumi gnome patterns will be crocheted in separate parts, such as the body, head, and then the hat. Make sure you are comfortable with that.
  5. Lastly, follow the pattern and have fun crocheting your gnome.
Crochet gnome patterns

Can beginners crochet gnome patterns?

Definitely! Most gnome patterns are easy for beginners. Typically, you will need to know the basics of the Amigurumi technique, such as single crochet or double crochet for larger projects.

Here are some tips for crocheting a gnome as a beginner:

  • Choose an easy pattern that uses basic stitches, such as chains, single crochet, and double crochet.
  • Make sure you check the pattern notes section for the instructions.
  • As a beginner, you may have to purchase some supplies and notions. Please double check the list of materials before you start.
  • Most pattern designers are great to support you if you need help. So don’t be afraid to reach out with questions if you have any.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend choosing a pattern that’s rated as easy. Normally, you will find that information in the pattern notes section. 

Skills needed to crochet gnome patterns

Crochet gnomes are usually easy to make and will use basic stitches and techniques. Here is what you will need to know for most opatterns listed here:

  • Single crochet stitch
  • Single crochet increases
  • Single crochet decreases
  • Double crochet stitch
  • C2C Crochet (Corner-to-Corner) 
  • Crochet in the round 
  • Basic hand sewing
  • Fasten-Off and weave-in ends

Get familiar with the pattern you choose. If there is a skill you’re not ready for, YouTube is a great resource for help. Make sure you are comfortable with the pattern skill level.

Supplies needed for crochet gnomes

Here are the materials and supplies you will need for most crochet gnome patterns:

  • Yarn – usually worsted weight (#4). But please check the pattern for the recommended yarn.
  • Crochet hook – make sure to check the pattern recommendation for hook size. I like hooks ranging from sizes 3.5 mm (US E) to 4.00 mm (US G) to crochet Amigurumi.
  • Stuffing fiber – such as Poli Fill. Good quality fiber holds up the shape better and longer.
  • Stitch markers – since you crochet Amigurumi in continuous rounds, stitch markers are essential to help you to keep track of your stitch count.
  • Tapestry needle – to weave in the ends and to do seaming if needed.
  • Embroidery thread – if the pattern calls for any embroider.
  • Scissors – small and sharp yarn scissors are the best.

Other pattern collections you will love

With no further ado, let’s dive into the list of crochet gnome patterns. I’ve separated the list into three categories.

  • First, I am listing patterns for pillows.
  • Second, I am listing the gnome blanket patterns.
  • Third and last, you will have the list of patterns for Amigurumi gnomes.

Crochet gnome patterns for pillows

Some crochet gnome pillows are made with color-work. The two most common techniques used in these patterns are C2C and intarsia.

They may look intimidating at first, but they use basic stitches, which makes them easy and fun to crochet.

Crochet gnome patterns for blankets

Crochet gnome blankets are worked with C2C and intarsia, like some of the pillows in the list above.

Or course, they are larger projects and will take longer to make. But can be very fun and will make beautiful and unique projects for decoration.

Crochet gnome Amigurumi patterns 

If you have crocheted Amigurumi before, these gnome patterns will be easy-peasy for you. But if you are a beginner thinking about trying something new, most of these patterns will make great first-time Amigurumi projects.

Miscellaneous Crochet Gnome Patterns

Here is the last batch of crochet gnome patterns for you to choose from. In case you are looking for something else that's not necessarily a pillow, a blanket or a doll.

I've added a variety of smaller Gnome projects in this group of patterns. Choose from this list if you are looking for something quicker to crochet for all occasions.

What to do next

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or if you just would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

The Bottom Line

There you have the list of crochet gnome patterns. I hope you found a project that you love and will be next in your to-do list. Can’t decide which one you would like to make yet? No worries, Pin this list for later and have it handy for future reference (see Pin image below).

Whatever gnome pattern you choose to make, I hope you will have fun and love the final result. Would like to check more pattern collections to get inspired with more amazing crochet projects? Click the Roundup Section here in my website to see more.

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Crochet Gnome Patterns

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