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FREE Crochet Soap Saver Pattern – Quick & Easy

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Are you looking for a quick and easy crochet soap saver pattern? Look no further. These multi-purpose, stash busters, little bags will be great for storage and for saving the last tiny bits of your soap bars. 

Not to mention, they will work as gentle exfoliators for your body and face. It’s the perfect small addition for your bathroom or kitchen. No more wasting your scraps of soap bars for the drains. 

free and easy crochet soap saver pattern
Crochet Soap Saver

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How to crochet a soap saver

  • Gather the supplies and tools you will be using. Such as yarn, a crochet hook, stitch markers, and a tapestry needle.
  • Make the soap saver using simple stiches starting from the bottom up to the top. Most patterns call for single crochet, chains, and/or double crochet stitches. 
  • Add a drawstring to the soap saver pouch to keep the bar and scraps inside. The string will be useful to hang the pouch to dry as well.
  • As an option, you can add beads or buttons to each end of the string, for decoration.
free and easy crochet soap saver pattern

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what the purpose of soap saver is and what exactly to use it for? Before we dive into the crochet soap saver pattern, here are a few FAQ with answers.

What is a crochet soap saver and what does it do?

As the name suggests, a crochet soap saver is a small eco-friendly, easy to use, pouch that extends the lifespan of your soap bars. 

In other words, it allows your soap to dry faster, making it last much longer. Not to mention, they work as great exfoliating scrubs that’s gentle on your skin, as well as for dish washing.

How to clean a crochet soap saver?

After using it in the bathroom or in the kitchen, rinse it well in running water until the excess soap washes off. Another way to clean it is by placing it in the washing machine inside a mesh bag.

Then return the bar to the soap saver and store it upwards to dry. Or you can use the string to hang it and allow it to dry until the next use.

What size should a crochet soap saver be?

A good size for a soap saver is anything between 3.5 “ (9cm) to 4 “ (10 cm) wide by 5.5” (14 cm) to 5.5” (9 cm x 14 cm) tall.

The pouch made with this crochet soap saver pattern will measure approximately 3.5” x 5 1/4” (9 cm x 13.3 cm) if you use the recommend yarn and hook size.

crochet soap saver size chart
Crochet soap saver size 3.5” x 5 1/4” (9 cm x 13.3 cm)

Pair it with face scrubbies to make a spa set

This crochet soap saver pattern will be great to pair with face scrubbies for a spa set. It would make great gifts and craft market sellers.

Get the pattern for the crochet face scrubbies here.

crochet face scrubbie pattern

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Best yarn for a crochet soap saver 

The recommend yarns for crochet soap savers are medium weight, non-mercerized cotton or cotton blends. And the reason why cotton is better is because it’s soft, absorbent, and durable.

Of course, you can use acrylic yarns as well, but keep in mind that acrylic tend to be rougher. Which will sort of break the purpose of a soap saver, by shortening the duration of your bars faster. 

The yarn used in this pattern

Here is a list of the yarns used in the pictured samples for this crochet soap saver pattern. These are all Worsted weight / Aran (#4) cotton and cotton blend yarns.

Amount needed: approximately 0.75 oz (21 g), 36 yards (33 m) for each pouch.

Other material and tools

It doesn’t take a lot to make this crochet soap saver pattern, since it’s a very small project. Here are the tools and supplies you will need.

free and easy crochet soap saver pattern

Pattern notes and instructions

  • This pattern was written using standard US terminology.
  • Level of difficulty for this crochet soap saver pattern: Easy
  • You will be using a mesh stitch to crochet this bag, which consists of chain 2 spaces and single crochet stitches only.
  • The construction of the pattern starts in the bottom, going up in continuous rounds through the end. Meaning you won’t need to join the rounds with a slip stitch.
  • Stitch markers may be helpful in the foundation round, to mark the chain spaces in the corners.
  • In case you want to crochet the pouch bigger or smaller, just do any multiples of 3 chains to start. Then follow the pattern instructions.

Pattern abbreviations

  • blo: back loop only
  • ch(s): chain(s) 
  • FO: fasten off
  • rnd: round
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • sc: single crochet 
  • sk: skip 
  • sp: space
  • sl st: slip stitch 
  • st(s): stitch(s)
  • yo: yarn over 
  • ( ) repeat instructions within parentheses as many times as directed
  • * repeat instructions after asterisks as directed

An inexpensive and ad free PDF download can be purchased in these links.

Crochet soap saver pattern step-by-step

crochet pattern

This pattern is forgiving when it comes to size adjustment. In case you want to crochet the pouch bigger or smaller, just do any multiples of 3 chains to start.

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Crochet the foundation chains

    crochet tutorial

    Ch 18 or any multiple of 3 to adjust the pattern for other sizes.

  2. Crochet round 1

    crochet tutorial

    Rnd1: sl st in blo of 3rd ch from hook, *ch 2, sk 2 chs, sl st in blo of next ch, repeat from the * to last ch, ch 2, sl st in same ch st and place a stitch marker in that ch 2 sp, repeat the instructions again from * one more time, on the opposite side, now in front loops, to last chain. 
    At the end of this, and all the remaining rounds, you will have a total of 12 ch 2 spaces.

  3. Crochet round 2 and repeat

    crochet tutorial

    Rnd2-22: *ch 2, sc in next ch 2 sp, repeat from the * continuously, without joining, until you reach last round. Finish it with a sl st. FO. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends. 

    Note: There is no need to keep track of the last stitch in each round. Finish the last round of stitches at the same side of the bag where you started the first round.
    You can tell by checking where the end of the yarn is where you started it.

  4. Make the string

    crochet tutorial

    Chain as many stitches as needed to create a string 3 times the width of the bag plus about 5 inches (13 cm). I chained 65, which makes a string about 15” (38 cm) long.
    To make the string sturdier, go back and sl st in the third loop (back bump) of 2nd ch from hook and in third loop of each chain across. 
    FO. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends. 

  5. Insert the string in the pouch 

    crochet tutorial

    Lay the bag flat and pick a chain space in any round you want it to be. And at the side you want the ends to come out. Next, insert one end of the string in the chosen chain space. Lastly, weave in that end, in and out, in every chain space around the bag. 

  6. Add beads or decorative buttons 

    free easy crochet soap saver pattern

    This step is optional, but for decoration, you can add plastic pony beads or decorative buttons to the ends of the string. Then, tie a knot in each end so the beads won’t fall off.

Estimated Cost: 3.00 USD


  • Worsted weight cotton yarn


  • 4.50 mm (US 7) crochet hook

Materials: Sharp yarn scissors Tapestry needle 2 stitch markers 2 plastic pony beads (optional)

Crochet soap saver pattern diagram

crochet soap saver pattern diagram

What’s next?

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I hope you had fun making this crochet soap saver pattern. Enjoy!

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