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Easy crochet face scrubbie pattern + mesh bag

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Face scrubbies are great eco-friendly and reusable facial pads. Whether you call them scrubbies or crochet facial rounds, they can be mainly used to clean up your facial makeup or simply as a cleansing cloth. This is a beginner friendly free crochet face scrubbie pattern that will make a great handmade gift.

You will make a set like the one pictured here in just about less than an hour and a half.

crochet face scrubbie pattern
Crochet Face Scrubbie

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What do you use crochet face scrubbie for?

You can use them to scrub your face with water or cleanser. Making them with cotton or cotton blend will be ideal to make the cleansing process easier.

More about the ideal yarn below. They also get softer with every wash, so they are gentle enough to clean all skin types. 

The benefits of reusable face scrubbies

The benefits of using a crochet face scrubbie are not limited to its convenience. Here are other reasons why you should use them:

  • They are reusable, which makes them an ideal addition for a zero-waste lifestyle.
  • Easy to clean and care for. Simply toss them in the washing machine with your regular laundry.
  • More skin friendly than the store bought pads, when made with 100% cotton yarn.
  • Cost efficiency is another benefit because yarn is cheap. It takes a very small amount to make them.
  • They are quick and easy to make. The whole set pictured in this article takes only about an hour and a half.

How to wash reusable crochet face scrubbies?

Cotton is a durable fiber, so it’s okay to wash the scrubbies in the washing machine. Here are the steps you can take to care for your scrubbies:

  • First, place them in a mesh laundry bag so they don’t get stuck in your machine.
  • Then, place them with your light-colored clothes and wash them in warm water using a gentle detergent.
  • Next, lay them flat to dry naturally or tumble dry inside the mesh bag.

For your convenience, this blog post offers you the pattern for a cute drawstring bag. Just place the scrubbies inside the bag, tie it off with the drawstring and throw it with your laundry and/or dryer.

An inexpensive PDF can be purchased on my Ravelry or Etsy shops.

See Ravelry makers projects here.

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Best size for a crochet face scrubbie

Approximately 3″ to 3 3/4″ (7.6 to 8.2 cm) in circumference is a perfect size for a face scrubby. They need to be small enough to make handling and cleaning easy.

Gauge is not crucial for this pattern, but If your tension is loose, try to adjust the size of the hook to get it about that rize.

What yarn is best?

The best yarn for a crochet face scrubbie is non-mercerized cotton yarn. The reason why cotton is better is because it is known to be soft and gentle on your skin.

And it’s not only that; cotton is also more absorbent and durable than other fibers. Acrylic yarn, for example, tends to be coarse and it doesn’t absorb liquids well. 

Some cotton blends are soft and will work well too. As long as the amount of cotton is predominant in its composition.

Here is a list of my recommendations:

Yarn nameBrandFiber Content
Crème cottonLoops & ThreadsCotton-blend
Sugar n’ CreamYarnspirations100% Cotton
I Love This CottonHobby Lobby100% Cotton
Capri Eco CottonLoops & ThreadsCotton-blend

Why you should not use mercerized cotton

Mercerized cotton is not good because the mercerization is a chemical bath where the yarn goes through a sodium hydroxide immersion during its dyeing process.

This chemical process is harmless, but it makes the yarn rougher than non-mercerized cotton. You don’t want to scrub your face with harsh pads, right?

Amount of yarn needed for crochet face scrubbies

You will need approximately 0.22 oz (6.2 g), 14 yds (13 m) fo Crème cotton by Loops & Threads, which is a worsted weight (#4) yarn, in color Blue Violet. As for the mesh bag, you will use approximately 1.23 oz (35 g), 75 yds (69 m).

Another yarn option is Sugar n’ Cream by Yarnspirations, also worsted weight (#4), in color Soft Ecru. Approximately 0.28 oz (8 gr), 13.5 yds (12 m).

Pattern notes and Instructions

  • This pattern was written using US terminology.
  • Level of difficulty: advanced beginner.
  • You will work the face scrubbies on the round, joining the rounds where indicated.
  • For the bag, you will crochet continuous rounds, in a spiral. What this means is there is no joining for the rounds.
  • Size of the finished scrubbie: 3 3/4 in (8.2 cm) circumference. 
  • Size of the finished bag: 6 1/4 in (16 cm) wide x 8 in (20 cm) tall. 
  • Gauge is not crucial for this pattern. Use the indicated yarn weight and hook size if you wish to achieve the measurement above.

Pattern Abbreviations

  • ch(s): chain(s)
  • dc: double crochet
  • FO: Fasten Off
  • ps: puff stitch 
  • sc: single crochet
  • sk: skip
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • sp: space
  • st(s): stitch(s)
  • yo: yarn over
crochet face scrubbie pattern
Crochet face scrubbies with laundry bag

Special Stitch Instructions

  1. How to crochet a puff stitch in this pattern: Yo, insert the hook in next space between ch 3 and next dc in previous rnd, yo, pull up a loop, (yo, insert the hook in same space again, yo, pull up another loop) 2 more times. You have now 7 loops in the hook. Yo, pull through all loops, ch 1. For more information and a photo tutorial on how to crochet a puff stitch, check this blog post out.
  2. How to crochet the crab stitch / reverse sc: *insert the hook in previous st, yo, pull through, yo, pull through two, repeat from * for every stitch around.

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Crochet face scrubbie instructions

crochet face scrubbie pattern

This easy crochet face scrubbie pattern is a great eco-friendly and reusable facial pad set that you can make for yourself and it is also a great gift idea for friends and family.

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Step 1: Create a magic circle

blue yarn and crochet hook

First, crochet a magic circle, ch 3 (ch 3 doesn’t count as a st here). Learn how to crochet a magic circle with this tutorial. As an alternative, you can crochet 4 chains and do round 1 in forth chain from hook.

Step 2: Crochet the first round inside the mc

crochet face scrubbie pattern

Rnd1: 12 dc in the mc, join with a sl st to first dc st. At this point you can pull the tail of the yarn to close the magic circle tight.

Step 3: Crochet puff stitches in 2nd round

blue yarn and a crochet hook

Next, you will crochet 1 ps in each space between the dc sts, not on top of the st. To start this round, pull the last loop you have on the hook to extend it as tall as the ps.

Rnd2: ps in first space between ch 3 and dc, ch 1, (ps in sp between next two dc, ch 1) across, join with a sl st to first ps in the beginning of round [12 ps and 12 ch 1 spaces]

Step 4: Crochet next round with dc sts

crochet face scrubbie pattern

Rnd3: ch 3 (counts as a dc st), dc 2 in same st as ch 3, (dc, dc 2) across, join to initial ch 3 with sl st, ch 1. [36 dc]

Doing 2 dc in the same stitch in the beginning of round 3 will avoid a gap and will give you the exact number of stitches you need for the round. You won’t have an extra stitch because you didn’t chain to start round 2.

Step 5: Crochet last round with the crab stitch

crochet face scrubbie pattern

Rnd4: Crab st in each sc across. The step-by-step instructions for the crab stitch are above, in the notes section. But if you never did it before, a crab stitch is basically a single crochet going backwards, hence the name.

FO. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends. Make sure you secure the tail left from the magic circle with a knot and weave in the end.

Estimated Cost: 5 USD


  • Yarn recommendation
  • Crème cotton by Loops & Threads, 87% cotton | 17% nylon
  • Sugar’n Cream by Yarnspirations, 100% cotton


  • 4.00 mm (US G) hook

Materials: Scissors, Darning needle for weaving in the ends

An inexpensive PDF can be purchased on my Ravelry or Etsy shops.

See Ravelry makers projects here.

How to make the crochet face scrubbie bag?

The bag will make a beautiful gift package and will be good to place the crochet scrubbies inside to wash in the washing machine. Start with 32 chains, or any other multiple of 4.

Rnd1: sc in top loop only of 4th ch from hook, *ch 3, sk 3 chs, sc in top loop only of next ch*, repeat instructions between the asterisks to last ch, ch 3, sc in same ch st, now repeat the process between the asterisks one more time, on the opposite side to last chain. 

Rnd2-26: *ch 3, sc in next ch 3 sp, repeat from * continuously, without joining, until you reach last round. 

blue yarn and a crochet hook

Finish it with a sl st. FO. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends.

Tip: this bag can be crocheted in any size. All you have to do is chain any multiples of 4. Then follow the steps above.

Making the string 

  • Chain as many stitches as needed to create a string 3 times the width of the bag plus about 5 inches (13 cm). I chained 80, which makes a string about 17 in (43 cm) long.
  • To make a sturdier string, go back and sl st in the third loop (back bump) of 2nd ch from hook and in third loop of each chain across.
  • FO. Cut the yarn. Weave in the ends.
  • Your string is done
a blue crochet mesh bag

How to insert the string in the bag

  • Lay the bag flat and count 7 rounds from top down
  • Pick a chain space in the center of that round and insert one end of the string in it
  • Weave in that end, in and out, in every other chain space around the bag
  • The end of the string should come out in the space right before the one you inserted it the first time.
a blue crochet mesh bag

Note: There is not a super perfect and exact way to insert the string. And since this bag was crocheted in a spiral, you will need to go down one round somewhere along the way. The reason for that is so you don’t end up one round higher when you bring the end of the string out. 

Also, at the end of the stringing process, you will need to go without skipping one of the chain spaces. By doing that, you will bring the string out at exactly one chain space before the one you started.

It may sound a bit confusing, but you will know exactly what I mean when you do it.

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The bottom line

Whether you are making it to treat yourself to an amazing spa section or as small gift sets for friends or loved ones. I hope you enjoy making this beautiful crochet face scrubbie pattern set.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or if you just would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

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Saturday 4th of March 2023

This is the best and easiest bag pattern! I love it, Thank you so much!


Saturday 4th of March 2023

Hi Katherine! It's so great to know you liked the bag pattern. Thank you so much for checking my blog and for taking the time to write me a comment. Maggie

Jessica Lynne

Monday 6th of February 2023

What a fun to make pattern! It's as easy to read as it is clearly explained Thank you for sharing this and working on the war against waste.


Monday 6th of February 2023

You're so welcome, Jessica! Thank you so much for your feedback. It makes me so happy to know you liked this pattern and that you found it useful. Maggie

Eki Diah

Monday 5th of December 2022

This is lovely pattern, I love how you explain all your work. It's detail and easy to understand. Thank you very much.


Monday 5th of December 2022

Awww, thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am so glad you liked the pattern. Please let me know if you have questions. Maggie


Thursday 14th of July 2022

What a fabulous tutorial! Instructions are precise & pictures are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing! I made the bag & 3 scrubbies from a linen I had laying around & the other 3 scrubbies in cotton; linen for scrubbing & the softer cotton for makeup removal. I made them for my 16 year old daughter. She LOVES it!!!!


Saturday 23rd of July 2022

Hi Lynette! I appreciate your time to write me this feedback. I am so glad you liked the scrubbies and bag tutorial. And that your daughter loved her new make up removal pads. Thank you 🥰


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

I would love to do this pattern but I feel like I'm missing something. The only indication on what hook to use I've seen is where you state to use the "indicated" yarn and hook. Does that mean the indicated hook size on the yarn label?


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Hi Nicole! Thank you for your question. The hook size is under “Tools”. For this pattern, I used a 4.00 mm (US G) hook. Please let me know if you need anything else. Maggie

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