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35+ Under 2 Hour Easy Crochet Beanie Patterns 

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Crochet beanie patterns are amongst the best projects for beginners. And for experienced crocheters alike. If you’re looking for easy and quick patterns, yet fun and unique, you are in the right place.

With this list you can pick your favorite method. Be it made from top down, bottom up or from a rectangle, I’ve got you covered.

Crochet beanie patterns roundup

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Quick and easy crochet beanie patterns

Beanies are essential and versatile accessories. They not only keep your head warm in the cold weather, but they also make perfect handmade items for gifting, donating or for selling.

This curated list has the quickest crochet hat patterns you could ever think of. Additionally, you will also love how unique each of them looks.

I hope you get inspired with all these patterns and find your next favorite beanie. Whether you’re making it for yourself or for someone else.

Can I adapt crochet beanie patterns?

Certainly! A lot of these patterns are easy enough for you to adapt. Sometimes, you see a pattern that you love, but you would rather use a different yarn thickness, I get it.

Here are a few ways to adapt a pattern:

  • Use a thicker yarn with the same stitch pattern repeat, but with less stitches.
  • Know what the head circumference is and crochet a swatch to find out how many stitches per inch you need to get the right size.
  • Got a yarn that’s thinner than that one the pattern calls for? Try making it double strand.
crochet beanie patterns
Crochet beanie patterns

How do you size a crochet beanie?

Generally, depending on yarn type and stitch used, the hat circumference should be at least 2” (5 cm) smaller than your head. Especially if you’re using yarns with a lot of stretch in them.

This is what we call negative ease. But what does that even mean? It literally means that the hat needs to be smaller than your head, to fit right. If you make it big, it will fall off your head easily.

Here are the recommend hat sizes:

AgeHead Size* Beanie SizeBeanie Length
Premie9-12″ (23-30.5 cm)7-10″ (18-25 cm)4″ (10 cm)
Baby14-16″ (36-41 cm)12-14″ (30-36 cm)6″ (15 cm)
Toddler16-18″ (41-46 cm)14-16″ (36-41 cm)7″  (18 cm)
Child18-20″ (46-51 cm)16-19″ (41-48 cm)7.5″ (19 cm)
Teen/Small Adult20-22″ (51-56 cm)20-22″ (51-56 cm)8″ (20 cm)
Average Adult21-23″ (53-59 cm)19-21″ (48-53 cm)8.5″ (22 cm)
Large Adult23-24″ (58-61 cm)21-22″ (53-56 cm)9″ (23 cm)

* Recommended Beanie Circumference

What yarns are best for crochet beanie patterns?

Different patterns call for different yarns. But I prefer soft acrylic or wool-blend yarns that’s at least medium weight. Here is my recommend list:

Yarn nameBrandContent
I Love This YarnHobby Lobby100% Acrylic
Basic Stitch Anti PillingLion Brand100% Acrylic
Hue & MeLion BrandWool-Blend
Wool EaseLion BrandWool-Blend
Cozy WoolLoops & ThreadsWool-Blend

I prefer these yarns because they make comfortable hats and build up super quick. Not to mention, they are affordable as well, making them great cost benefit options.

Crochet Beanie Patterns Roundup

With no further ado, let's dive into the list of the best crochet patterns for beanies. Hopefully, you will find one, or more, that you love in this roundup.

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Whether you’re looking for a chunky hat for the cold winter days or a lighter weight one, I hope you found one that you love in this list of crochet beanie patterns.

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