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33 Crochet Strawberry Patterns (All Free!)

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Have fun with this sweet and delightful collection of crochet strawberry patterns. I’ve curated a list of the best free patterns I’ve found from many talented designers for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re thinking about making a cute strawberry themed plushy or toy, or a larger home a decoration item, you’ll find at least one of each in this roundup, and more.  

Crochet strawberries can be very fun projects. Since they are usually small and mostly require the basics of crochet techniques, most patterns are easy and quick to make as well.

Crochet Strawberry Patterns

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How to crochet strawberries

Crochet strawberry patterns come in a variety of shapes and methods. Firstly, decide what you’re making. Secondly, you will choose a pattern that suit your skills. And thirdly, you will gather your supplies and start crocheting. 

Bellow, I’ll list a few steps and topics to help you out with your crochet strawberry project.

Step 1: Choose your crochet strawberry patterns 

Strawberries are such a cheerful way to bring colors and happy vibes to your summer decorations. Here are a few methods and ideas to add strawberries to your crochet:

  1. 3D Crochet Strawberries – 3D or Amigurumi shaped crochet strawberries are probably the most common type of patterns you will find. And they are so fun to make. Not only because they are colorful, but because they are quick projects as well.
  2. Crochet Strawberry Accessories – when I was searching for patterns for this list, I was amazed with how many creative ideas are there for what you can make with a strawberry theme. I found purses, coasters, pillows, blankets, and other adorable patterns.
  3. Strawberry Crochet Motifs – this is a fun and cheerful way to incorporate strawberries to your larger projects and/or decoration. You can make things like granny squares, appliqués, and keychains as motifs.
  4. Strawberry Crochet Colorwork –With crochet colorwork methods, such as intarsia and tapestry crochet, you can create your own strawberry themed patterns or use a pattern idea in this list. I hope you find something that will inspire you.

Step 2: Find out what skills you need

Most crochet strawberry patterns are rated as easy. Generally, the most common patterns are designed with beginner-friendly stitches, such as single crochet and double crochet stiches.

Here are the most common skills needed for crochet strawberry patterns (US terminology):

  • Single crochet stitches – used for most 3D and/or Amigurumi shaped strawberries. If you have never crocheted Amigurumi before, this could be a great first-time project for you.
  • Half double and double crochet stitches – these stitches are mostly used for accessories and larger projects, such as pillows, blankets, and square motifs.
  • Colorwork – most crochet strawberry projects will need some kind of color change, but generally they are simple and straightforward.
  • Hand sewing – it’s a great idea if you are comfortable with some basic hand sewing stitching. A lot of these patterns require attaching pieces together. And the best way to do it is by sewing them with a needle.
  • Pattern reading – if you are a beginner, it is natural to find it hard to read patterns. But it’s a game changer if you put on some time to learn it. The Craft Yarn Council is a great place to start and learn about crochet terms and abbreviations.
Crochet Strawberry Patterns

Step 3: Gather the supplies 

Yarn and crochet hooks are obviously what you will sure need for most of these patterns. But what else will you need to crochet a strawberry?

Here are the most common supplies and materials you will see listed in these patterns:

  1. Yarn – typically, worsted weight (#4) / Aran is what most patterns will call for. But depending on the kind of project, you will need other yarn types as well, such as light weight and bulky. 
  2. Crochet hooks – please make sure you check the list in the pattern you chose. Hook sizes will vary, depending on what you’re making. Amigurumi, for example, require small hook sizes.
  3. Amigurumi making supplies and tools – such as stuffing tools and safety eyes. You can find a complete list in this blog post.  
  4. Stuffing fiber – since crochet strawberries are usually small, you will need only a small amount. But larger projects, such as cushions and puffs, will need a generous amount of fiber.
  5. Scissors – choose a sharp pair of yarn scissors, you will need them for every project.
  6. Stitch markers – these are optional, but for Amigurumi it’s a great idea to use them to keep track of your rounds and stitch count.
  7. Embroider threads – some of the small Amigurumi strawberries will need some embroidery. Such as seeds and/or face features.
  8. Tapestry needle – you will need them every time to weave-in the leftover yarn tails.


Are crochet strawberries easy?

The short answer is: it depends! If you’re a totally beginner, it is recommended that you learn the crochet basics before committing to starting a strawberry project. But most patterns require only a few basic stitches and techniques.

What yarns are best for crochet strawberry patterns?

Generally, the best yarn is the one recommended in the pattern. But it’s okay to try out different yarns as well. As long as you’re aware that different yarn thickness and fiber content can change the look and size of your project a lot.

What stitches are used to crochet strawberries?

Strawberry plushies are usually made with single crochet stitches. As for other projects, such as cushions, potholders, and bags, can be made with other stitches. Half double and double crochet stitches are very common as well.

Other pattern collections 

Crochet Strawberry Patterns The List

Now, that you have a few tips you need before getting started, let’s dive into the list of strawberry patterns.

Depending on what you’re making and on your skill level, you will find most these patterns easy. But I hope you have fun crocheting your strawberry themed project, regardless of what you choose to make.

What to do next?

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Pin this list of crochet strawberry patterns for later here:

Crochet Strawberry Patterns
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Final thoughts

To sum it all up, if you are a lover of all things whimsy and colorful, this collection of crochet strawberry patterns will be your newest crochet addiction. Hopefully, you’ve found something you love to add to your to do list.

Make sure you save it so you can reference back later, whenever you need a great strawberry crochet project. And remember, even if you’re a beginner crocheter, you can still make most of these patterns.

A lot of them have video tutorials if you are a visual learner. Others have step-by-step instructions that are great as well. Whichever pattern you pick, I hope you enjoy and have fun. 

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