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10+ cute patterns for crochet worry worms

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If you found this blog post, chances are you have been looking for patterns to make crochet worry worms. But do you know exactly what these squiggly friends mean? Scroll on for the details and for a collection of adorable patterns.

I know a quick search on Ravelry will give you quite a few pattern options. But I thought I would put a list together so it’s easier for you to refer to. 

I have included options for free patterns and also options for PDF downloads that you can purchase for a small fee. As well an option for a printable PDF for a poem tag.

Patterns for Crochet Worry Worms

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But before we dive into the list, here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is a crochet worry worm?

Crochet worry worms are comforting tools used in therapies for children. But they can also be small gifts to show someone that you love and care for them.

They became popular when a group called “Random Acts of Kindness”, founded by Olivia Dieterich, started distributing them in their community. 

They give them away as a small gesture of kindness, along with a poem tag, inside an organza gift bag. Go to the Facebook group here to download a file with the poem and for other resources.

What are crochet worry worms used for?

Usually, a crochet worry worm is used help little ones to cope with their frustrations, fears, and emotions. 

The worm’s squiggly shape will mimic one’s feelings, that can wriggle into their heads sometimes and are hard to deal with. 

Additionally, little ones can share their frustrations with their little friends. And the idea is they can help them to calm their anxiety over significant life challenges. 

Best yarns for crochet worry worms

Soft and heavier weight yarns, usually medium (#4) to bulky (#5), are the best for worry worms. The reason is because they need to feel cozy and comfortable.

But these buddies are great projects for most scrap yarns as well, so you probably already have what you need in your yarn bins. 

Choose wool blend yarns or good quality acrylic. Here is my recommendation.

Other supplies to crochet worry worms

Worry worms are so small that you won’t need much to make them. Here is what you will usually.

  • Crochet hooks in size listed in the yarn label.
  • Googly eyes, small buttons or beads.
  • Yarn scissors.
  • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends.
  • Small organza gift bags.

The best worry worm crochet patterns

With no further ado, let’s get into the list you’ve been looking for. Whomever you are making these cuties for, I hope they will put a smile on his/her face.

There you have the list of patterns for the most adorable crochet worry worms. Whether you are looking for a very simple pattern or a more elaborated one, I hope I gave you good options.

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What’s next?

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