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36 Easy & FREE Amigurumi Doll Patterns

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Aren’t crocheted toys the most adorable thing? I’ve compiled a list of free Amigurumi doll patterns for all skills. Along with this list, you can read some tips and tricks about making dolls that I hope will help you to get started.

You have never crocheted a doll before? Don’t worry, Amigurumi dolls are usually easier than you think.

Keep scrolling to read some tips and tricks for Amigurumi dolls or skip to a section using the table of contents below.

Free Amigurumi Doll Patterns
Free Amigurumi Doll Patterns

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Are Amigurumi dolls easy to make?

Absolutely! Most amigurumi dolls are easy to crochet because you will use only a few basic stitches to make them. Here is what you will need to know (and to have) to start making crochet dolls.

  • Gather a few basic supplies to make Amigurumi. Such as yarn, crochet hooks, stuffing fiber, and safety eyes.
  • Learn the crochet magic circle. It’s the first thing you need to learn to start making crochet dolls.
  • Master the single crochet stiches in a spiral/continuous rounds technique.
  • Practice single crochet increases and decreases, and how to stuff Amigurumi. The best way to practice Amigurumi is with a crochet sphere.

See blog this post for more tips and tricks for Amigurumi for beginners and to learn how to crochet a sphere.

What are the best yarns for Amigurumi dolls?

Light (#3) to worsted (#4) weight yarns, either cotton or acrylic, are ideal for Amigurumi dolls. And the best fiber contents are the soft and durable ones.

Either natural or synthetic fibers will work fine and there is a wide range to choose from. Here is what I recommend:

FiberReasons to useRecommended yarn
AcrylicEasy to find and comes in a large range of tonesLion Brand Yarn Basic Stitch
I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby
CottonDurable and easy to work with24 / 7 by Lion Brand
Cotton BlendSoft and more affordable than 100% cottonBernat Softee Cotton
ChenilleThick but can be worked with smaller hooks.
Easy to work with.
Makes super soft toys
Parfait by Premier Yarns
free Amigurumi doll patterns

Materials to Crochet Amigurumi Dolls

Most patterns for dolls require only a handful of supplies. And the best part is that you only have to buy some of them once, such as scissors and tapestry needles.

Here is what you will be using often to crochet dolls.

  • Crochet hooks in smaller sizes, usually up to 4.00 mm (US G). This Clover Amour Hook set is my favorite.
  • Stitch Markers are a must for Amigurumi, you will need them every time.
  • Good quality polyester stuffing fiber, such as Poly-fil, is the best because it holds the shape longer. And it’s easy to care for.
  • Safety eyes in many sizes.
  • Tapestry needles, I like the ones with the bent tips, they are easier to slide through small stitches.
  • Small and sharp Scissors.
  • Beeswax crayons are great for blushing your dolls cheeks.

Free Amigurumi Doll Patterns

I’ve carefully selected these patterns and I hope you will love them. You can make cute and cozy crochet dolls for gifts or for craft markets. Many of them come with video tutorials as well.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, I hope I have inspired you with these free amigurumi doll patterns. 

Once you pick a pattern, read through the designer’s instructions to make sure you are successful with your doll. Most importantly, I hope you have fun making whatever you chose. Happy crocheting!

More Amigurumi Patterns 

Here are other Amigurumi patterns that you will love.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found a doll you love in this list of free Amigurumi doll patterns. Remember, dolls are very fun to crochet. They may seem complicated at first, but if you know how to single crochet and practice a little, you’ll be ready to crochet your first doll in no time.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or if you just would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

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