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30+ Flower Granny Square Crochet FREE Patterns

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Are you looking for beautiful flower granny square patterns for your next crochet project? Look no further! I’ve gathered a list of 30 patterns for you with a variety of squares to choose from.

Granny squares are popular and are usually easy to crochet as they only require basic stitches. But if you’re looking for something more detailed and complex, you will find it here as well.

Additionally, flower squares are great stash busters, and this list has one for every taste. So, go get your colorful yarn scraps to make your next crochet project.

Flower granny square
Flower granny squares

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Some flowers, such as sunflowers and daisies, are very popular for granny squares. By the way, they are the easiest to crochet as well. 

Here are some of the flowers you can incorporate into your granny squares:

  • Daisies and African Daisies – these are the most popular flower granny square projects to find. 
  • Sunflowers – search “starburst granny squares” and you will find a variety of patterns. They can be sunflowers, or you can use many other colors for the starburst effect.
  • African Flower – granny squares with this technique are popular to make stuffed animals and Afghans.
  • Tulips, peonies, and pansies – these flowers make great granny square projects for spring, such as blankets, cushions, and bags.

Materials to Make a Flower Granny Square

Granny squares are amongst the most versatile and easy to adapt crochet projects. Generally, all you need is a handful of supplies you probably already have in your craft room. Here is what you will need for most patterns in this list:

Most flower square patterns found in this list will be customizable, so you may want to check the label in the yarn you will be using for the recommended hook size.

Best Yarns for Flower Granny Square Patterns

More detailed granny flower patterns will look better with worsted weight or lighter yarns. But the simplest ones, with up to 3 colors, may look great with bulky yarns was well. 

Here is a list with my favorite yarns:

  • Hue & Me by Lion Brand – this is a soft wool blend. The color palette in this yarn is dreamy, with muted tones, that make amazing blankets. I made a classic granny square blanket with this yarn, and I love it. 
  • Basic Stitch by Lion Brand – this is a polyester blend that’s so soft and great for chunky blankets. But is also available in medium weight. 
  • Pound Of Love – 100% premium acrylic by Lion Brand. This yarn is so soft and easy to work with. Not to mention, it comes with lots of beautiful colors to choose from. 
  • Re-Up Yarn – Recycled Cotton by Lion Brand. I love this cotton + polyester blend, it’s a great, eco-friendly option for home décor.
  • Red Heart Super Saver – this is an affordable, good quality acrylic yarn that’s great for a variety of flower granny square projects. 

What Can You Make with Flower Granny Squares?

There is a world of possibilities for things you can make with granny squares. But the most common flower granny square projects are:

  • Blankets and Afghans – simple or more elaborated flower patterns, you name it, and you’ll find it.
  • Totes and bags – granny square bags are trending right now, and they are such stylish accessories for your casual style.
  • Coasters, table runners and kitchen towels – the simple and flat flower squares will work best with these projects.
  • Pillow and cushion covers – they will make cheerful home décor accessories. Pick your favorite colors, to match your decoration or the season they are made for.
  • Clothing and accessories – such as sweaters, tops, dresses, and hats. These are another fashion trend that you see everywhere.
Granny square blanket crochet free pattern
You may also like this classic granny square blanket

Where to find the best patterns?

I know it can be overwhelming to look for patterns with so many options out there. So, I hope you’ll find one that you love in this list of free patterns. 

But if you’re looking for patterns yourself, Etsy and Ravelry are the best places to find patterns you can trust. You will pay a small fee for some of them, but if you’re looking for a specific project, it may be worth looking for a premium one. 

Flower Granny Square The List

Best Flower Granny Square Free Patterns

Depending on what you’re looking for, this list will give you options for most everything. Whether you want to make a blanket or a clothing piece, please look into all these options and decide which one fits better.

For instance, if you’re making a blanket or a bag, the daisy flower or the sunflower granny squares are great options.

More pattern collections 

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Final Thoughts

Flower granny squares are versatile, and you can use them with a variety of projects. Hopefully, you have found one or more that you love in this list. Whether you’re making something small or a large blanket, they are sure fun and relaxing to work with.

Haven’t been able to decide on a pattern? Save this list to your Pinterest boards to make later and to refer to these beautiful patterns whenever you need to make something.

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Flower granny square

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