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35 Best Crochet Summer Hats to Make in 2024

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Looking for the best crochet summer hats to make? Loot no further! I’ve curated a collection with a vast assortment of free hat patterns for all tastes and skill levels.

Warm seasons are right around the corner and spending time outside means you will need protection for your head and face. And nothing is better than crocheting your own hats to craft them to your style.

Whether you’re looking for a more casual hat, or something more formal, such as a fedora hat, you’ll sure find a pattern you love in this roundup.

Crochet Summer Hats

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The Best Crochet Summer Hats

Typically, crochet hats are straight forward, simple projects that you can make even if you know only the basics of crochet. But here are other reasons why you’ll love these patterns:

  • Easy & Quick. Generally, hats are quick to crochet. While most hats will take up to 3 hours, they can be even made in less time depending on your skill level.
  • Stash Busters. Hats are small crochet projects, which means you likely already have the amount of yarn needed in your stash. Got cotton yarn leftovers? This is the best opportunity to use them.
  • Stylish. Most hats in this collection are on point to satisfy a variety of styles. But if you feel like adding your own touches, don’t shy away from using stripes, colors, or anything to customize them.
  • Easy-Care. Warm weather means more outside time. And more outside time, means exposure to dirt, but that’s ok. Crochet hats are easy to care, just toss them with your regular laundry to wash and dry.

Crochet Summer Hat Styles

Bucket hats. Bucket hats are trendy and very popular. Not to mention, they are a hit among teenagers and people of all ages. Typically, because they are practical, stylish and are a perfect match for most casual outfits.

Wide-brimmed hats. Also known as straw hats, this hat style is intended to shade your head and face, offering better protection for the warm sun rays that come with late spring and summer.

Fedora hats. This is another popular, but classic style that usually has an indented crown. Typically, fedoras feature a medium width brim and are great for most occasions.

Crochet Summer Hats
Crochet Summer Hats

Materials You’ll Need

These are the commonly used materials and supplies to crochet hats:

  • Yarn – preferably cotton or cotton blends (more on the yarn below).
  • Crochet hooksMake sure to check the pattern’s supply list for the recommend hook sizes. Since summer hats are crocheted with thinner yarns, hook sizes range from 4.00 mm (US G) to 5.50 mm (US I).
  • Craft wire. Millenary wire for wide-brimmed hats holds the shape amazingly well. 
  • Other notions. You’ll also need a sharp pair or yarn scissors, stitch markers, and darning needles to weave in the yarn ends.

What Yarns Work Best for Crochet Summer Hats?

Medium to light weight cotton yarns work best for crochet summer hats. Why? Well, cotton is absorbent and a cool fiber for the warm weather. But it’s not only that, cotton a sturdy yarn, which means it holds the hat shape better than other fibers. 

Here are my favorite cotton yarns:

Is it ok to Use Acrylic Yarn for Summer Hats?

Yes, it’s totally fine! There are great quality acrylic yarns that will work as well. However, keep in mind that acrylic yarns tend to retain heat more than cotton, and that can make them uncomfortable for summer.

Can Beginners Crochet Summer Hats?

Absolutely, yes! Normally, you don’t need any advanced skills to crochet a hat. And the typical summer hat is crocheted top down using basic crochet techniques.

Normally, most patterns are easy to crochet. But when you choose a pattern, make sure you’re comfortable with the skill level. However, while some more advanced projects may be intimidating, don’t be afraid to try new techniques.

Success Tips for Crocheting Summer Hats

  • Check the skill level. Most crochet summer hats are easy to make, but before you choose a pattern, make sure you’re comfortable with techniques needed. Generally, single crochet, half double and double crochet stitches are the most common stitches for hats.
  • Choose the right yarn. Hats to wear in summer need to be made with breathable, cool, and easy-to-care yarns. Usually, designers keep that in mind with they created crochet summer hat patterns. More on the yarn above.
  • Make a gauge swatch. Nothing could be worse than starting a crochet project and ending up with a too big, or too small piece. To avoid these frustrations, make sure you don’t skip the gauge swatch section of the chosen pattern.
  • Create your own style. Craft your crochet hat to your own style by using your favorite colors, creating stripes, and textures.

Crochet Summer Hats The List

Gather your yarn and supplies and let's dive into the crochet summer hats roundup. Whether you're a beginner or a proficient crocheter, I am sure you'll find a pattern for your skill level here.

Explore More Patterns

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found a pattern you love in this collection of crochet summer hats. Remember, if you are a beginner, don’t shy away from trying something new. Most patterns in this roundup were designed with basic stitches and techniques, which makes them beginner-friendly.

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Crochet Summer Hats

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