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5-minute crochet bow pattern – cute for babies

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Today I am bringing you a super easy and quick crochet bow pattern. Really, it took me literally three and a half minutes to make one. I made several of them using different yarn weight to test the pattern out and make sure they all would look good. And boy, it was worth trying all of those yarns. They all came out absolutely adorable.

Not to mention, these littles bows are the kind of embellishment that is perfect to adorn other pieces. You can attach them to garments, purses, hats, headbands, sandals, blankets and so on. It would make a cute bowtie for a newborn boy; all you have to do is add two strings of chains.

What about if you used it to decorate a gift box? Let’s say you are giving someone a baby blanket. Go ahead and make a bow using the same color of the blanket and decorate the packaging with it.

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The possibilities with these versatile small pieces are endless. And there is more, there are two things that I love about this crochet bow. First, look at the pictures in this blog post, with the same exact pattern you can make several different sizes.

All you have to do is use a different yarn weight and hook size. The second thing is that when you are done making it, you will have two tails of yarn. You can use those tails to finish the bow and to attach it to your project. 

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Pattern notes

  • Level of difficulty for this pattern is easy. As long as you are familiar with these stitches and techniques you are good: magic circle, chain, double treble stitch and slip stitch.
  • For this crochet tutorial, I am using US terminology 
  • If you are a visual learner, besides the step-by-step photos, I have also made a slow video (no sound) to help you out. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch the YouTube video.
  • Gauge is not relevant for this pattern, that’s why I am not giving gauge information. If you are making this bow to attach to another crochet project, you may use the same hook to make it compatible to the pattern.

Materials and tools you will need

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn: this easy bow can be made with any kind of yarn, so size will vary base on the yarn weight you use.
  • Scissors 


ch(s): chain(s)

mc: magic circle

dtr: double treble (see instructions below)

FO: Fasten Off

sl st: slip stitch

st(s): stitch(s)

four crochet bow patterns made out of yarn

The crochet bow pattern

Note: You will be using dtr to crochet this bow.  Here is how to crochet a dtr: yo 3 times, insert hook in st, yo, pull up a loop, (yo, pull through 2) 4x. 

Step 1: Form a mc

In this first step you are leaving a tail about 10” (26 cm) long, then crochet all next sts inside a mc in next step. If you don’t want to do the mc, it’s totally fine. You can start with 6 chs, then follow the instructions in step 2, between the asterisks, in 6th ch from hook.

Step 2: crochet the sts

This bow is so simple and quick that this is the only step you will be doing the actual crochet.

*ch 5, 6 dtr, ch 5, sl st in mc*, repeat instruction between asterisks one more time

Step 3: Fasten Off

In this step, you will cut the working yarn. Leave another long tail, at the same size as the first one. Pull the mc tail tight. Use both tails to tie a knot at the back of the bow, to secure it. 

Step 4: Finishing the bow

Wrap the tails firmly, but even, around the center of the bow (about 8 times). To make it easy to tie a knot at the end, wrap each tail in opposite directions. You may use the leftover tails to sew the bow on to your project.

But if you are attaching it to a headband, like I did with this one, wrap the tails around both the bow and the headband at the same time. 

a close up of a pink tiara made out of yarn
Click this image for the headband pattern

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

I hope you enjoy this adorable crochet bow pattern. If you like it, please leave a comment below, I love hearing your opinions about my patterns. If you share it on Instagram, I would love to see it, please tag @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmaker. 

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Monday 1st of July 2024

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