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Free Crochet Earrings Pattern (3 sizes)

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Are you looking into making your own jewelry? Then you are choosing the right thing to make! Crochet earrings are a popular choice because they are easy to make and to customize. This crochet earrings pattern will make a beautiful pair of round drop earrings.

Use your favorite colors to customize these earrings for any occasion you like. Round drop earrings can be a versatile and stylish accessory. 

Whether you’re looking into making something more casual or more glamorous, this pattern can be made with multiple variations. Pick colors that suit you better and have fun with your crochet earrings project.

crochet earrings pattern
Crochet Earrings Pattern Close-up

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Prefer a PDF?

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Crochet Earrings Pattern
Crochet Earrings Pattern

Before You Start

Preparing Your Workspace

Crochet earring making, like any other jewelry, takes quite a few tools and supplies. So, it’s important that you get your tools and materials ready beforehand to make this crochet earrings pattern.

And the other reason why you want to do some prepping is because you will be using cutters and wires. That said, some safety precautions need to be put in place.

The first thing to do is to get a tray or a cookie sheet and place your tools and wires in it while you work. Discard any wire leftovers right away, to avoid accidents to pets and children.


Here is a list of recommend materials to make this round drop crochet earrings pattern:

  • Yarn weight Fine (#2). I used Cotton Fair by Premier Yarns (more on the yarn below).
  • Multicolored Craft Paracord Cord, 5/32” inch (4mm) diameter – approximately 12” (30 cm) for the small earrings, 20” (51 cm) for the medium and 30” (76 cm) for the larger ones.
  • 2 beads (10 mm) with 2mm holes
  • 2 ear wires (10 mm)
  • 2 Jump rings (6mm or 8mm)
  • 2 eye pins 2” (5 cm)
  • Fabric glue (optional) – in case you are concerned that the ends of the cord will come loose.
  • Lighter – to melt the ends of the cord to avoid fraying.

Best Yarns for Earrings

The best yarn weight for this crochet earrings pattern is Light Worsted (#3), Fine (#2) or crochet thread. The lighter the yarn for earrings the more delicate and lighter they will be. Otherwise, they will be uncomfortable to wear and will look too bulky.

Amount needed: you will only need approximately 2 yds for the small one, 3.5 yds for the medium and 5 yds for the larger earrings.

Yarn nameBrandFiber Content
Cotton FairPremierCotton/Acrylic
TrubooLion BrandRayon
Aunt Lydia’s 3YarnspirationsCotton
24 / 7 DKLion BrandCotton

Tools and Notions

If you’re a crafter, you may already have most of these tools. If not, they don’t cost much and are always good stuff to have around.

  • 2.75 mm (US C) crochet hook – I used a Clover Amour hook
  • Earring pliers (optional as the nose pliers will do the job)
  • Jewelry nose pliers – for opening and closing the jump rings and for shaping the eye pins
  • Jewelry wire cutter pliers – for cutting the eye pins
  • Stitch Marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors 

Tip: You can customize this round drop crochet earrings pattern to suit your style. So, maybe you won’t need every single material listed here. Or you will be able to substitute some of them, such as macrame cords instead of paracords. Feel free to use your creativity. 

Supplies for crochet earrings pattern
Materials & Tools

Crochet earrings pattern variations

There are multiple opportunities for variations for this pattern. Here are a few ideas on how you can customize it:

  • Make it the size you like – There are instructions for three sizes in the pattern, and they are for a single round drop. But you can make two rounds, in two different sizes, and attach them with jump rings.
  • Customize with colors – Pick colors that go good together, such as pinks + blues, light blues + dark blues, or pastels. If you would rather make it themed, such as a summer theme, use a black cord with red thread to make it watermelon colors.
  • Or make it simple – leave most of the hardware and beads out and simply attach the ear wires straight to the crochet rounds.
  • Customize with beads – play with bead sizes and colors to make your earrings fun, cheerful and unique.
Crochet Earrings Pattern

Sizing information

The diameter of these earrings will be approximately 1.25” (3.2 cm), 1.75” (4.4 cm) and 2” (5 cm), respectively for small, medium, and large. Considering you will use the same type of materials and hook size. 

This size is for the pictured earrings. I’ve added instructions for size variations to this crochet earrings pattern, so you know where to stop to make them smaller or larger.

Easy Crochet Earrings Pattern

Techniques & Stitches to Know

Don’t be intimidated by the need of a paracord to make this crochet earrings pattern. Believe it or not, this method is quite simple and easy for beginners. 

Here are the basic stitches and techniques you will use for this crochet earrings pattern:

  • The paracord – the paracord will make the earrings sturdy and add some interesting contrasting specs of colors that resemble confetti. You will crochet the stitches normally but always keep the cord under your stitches as you go.
  • Continuous rounds – every time you reach the end of a round, you won’t join with a slip stitch as you would normally do. Instead, keep going, making a spiral.
  • Single crochet stitch (sc) – this is the perfect crochet stitch to work with paracords. Insert the hook in next stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two complete the stitch. 
  • Increate (inc) – increasing in every round is what creates a flat, round piece. Two single crotchets in next stitch.

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern was written using US crochet terminology.
  • The level of difficulty is Easy.
  • Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of every round, moving it up as you go.
  • You will crochet the earrings in continuous rounds. Meaning you won’t join the rounds with a slip stitch.
  • Size and look may vary depending on the material used.
  • If you are concerned about the ends of the cord getting loose, you may use a tiny drop of fabric glue, such as “Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive”.
  • If you make your beginning and end stitches tight enough, you may not need glue.

Stitches Abbreviations (US terms):

  • ch(s): chain(s)
  • FO: Fasten Off or Finish Off
  • inc: increase (2 single stitches in next stitch)
  • sc: single crochet
  • st(s): stitch(es)


Crochet Earrings Pattern

Here is the crochet earrings pattern with step-by-step instructions. Before you get started, please make sure you read through the list of materials and notes to make sure you have everything you need.

Use these instructions to make 2 earrings.

Total Time: 1 hour

  1. Melt one end of the cord

    Step 1

    With a lighter or match, slightly melt the end of the Paracord that you will start with to avoid fraying.
    You will do the same with the other end, but it’s best that you do it after you finish crocheting the circle, in case you need to cut it shorter.

  2. Make a slip knot

    Step 2

    Make a slip knot with the yarn to start the crochet earrings pattern. Then, using the crochet hook, attach it to the melted end of the cord tightly.

  3. Crochet round 1

    Step 3

    Round 1: sc 6 over the cord.
    The tighter you do the first stitches, the better to secure the cord so it doesn’t slip off.

    Note: You don’t have to worry about pulling the stitches too close together. The idea is that it shows small specks of the cord through the stitches.

  4. Crochet round 2

    Step 4

    Round 2: (inc) 6 times [12]
    It’s easier to insert the hook in the 1st st of round one before trying to form a circle. Then adjust the cord and yarn as needed to tighten it. Remember, always keeping the cord under the stitches.

    Note: Round 2 will probably be the trickiest part of this crochet earrings pattern. It may take you a few tries to get it right, but once you get it, it will flow easily.

  5. Crochet Round 3

    Step 5

    Round 3: (inc, sc) 6 times [18]
    Stop here if you want smaller earrings and skip to step 8 (do not cut the yarn yet). The circles will measure approximately 1.25” (3.2 cm) each

  6. Crochet Round 4

    Step 6

    Round 4: (inc, sc in next 2 sts) 6 times [24]
    Stop here if you want medium size earrings and skip to step 8 (do not cut the yarn yet). The circles will measure approximately 1.75” (4.4 cm) in diameter.

  7. Crochet Round 5

    Step 7

    Round 5: (inc, sc in next 3 sts) 6 times [30]
    Do not cut the yarn yet.
    Crochet up to here if you want larger size earrings. The circles will measure approximately 2” (5 cm) in diameter.

  8. Finish Off the circle

    Step 8

    Cut the cord leaving a tail of about 1/4” (6 mm). Use a lighter to carefully burn/melt the end of the cord to avoid fraying.
    Make an extra stitch to cover the end of the cord if needed. Sl st in next st. FO. Cut the yarn.

    Note: Use a flat tool, such as a painting knife (or a butter knife), to flatten the melted end right away. Then, once it cools down, cut the excess melting with the pliers or a utility knife.

  9. Attach the first jump ring

    Step 9

    Using the nose pliers, open one of the jump rings and attach it to one of the stitches on the edge of the earring. Do not close the jump ring yet. Set it aside.

  10. Insert the eye pin into the bead

    Step 10

    Next in the crochet earrings pattern, you will insert the eye pin into the bead’s hole. Cut the eye pins excess using the cutter, leaving about 1⁄4” (6 mm) above the bead.

    Then, shape it with the nose pliers to form an eye. Attach one of the eyes to the open jump ring on the edge of the earring and close the ring with the pliers.

  11. Attach the ear wire

    Step 11

    Now, use the nose pliers to open the eye in the bottom of the ear wire and attach it to the top of the eye pin, above the bead. Then close it back with the pliers.

    And finally, make sure the right side of earrings are facing forward. If not, use the pliers to adjust/twist the eye pin into the right direction.

Estimated Cost: 10.00 USD


  • Fine Weight Yarn
  • Paracord Cord


  • 2.75 mm (US C) crochet hook
  • Earring pliers
  • Jewelry nose pliers
  • Jewelry wire cutter pliers

Materials: 2 beads (10 mm) with 2mm holes, 2 ear wires (10 mm), 2 Jump rings (6mm or 8mm), 2 eye pins 2” (5 cm), Fabric glue (optional), Lighter, Stitch Marker, Scissors, Tapestry Needle

An inexpensive and ad free PDF download can be purchased in these links:


You have completed your crochet earrings pattern successfully. I hope you will enjoy adding them to your handmade jewelry collection. 

Prefer to sell or gift them away? These will make amazing gifts and will be great for selling at craft fair as well. Whatever your purpose is, hopefully the result will delight whoever is wearing them.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or if you just would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

Would you rather make this crochet earrings pattern later?

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