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How to do slip knot crochet tutorial – with photos

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Here is a how to do slip knot crochet tutorial for you. If you have been searching for a while, chances are you have found many tutorials online.

It can be confusing because you will see a lot of different ways to do it. With this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to do it the easy way. 

Learning how to crochet comes with finding tons of beautiful crochet patterns. Patterns are everywhere for you to choose from.

When you start reading patterns, you will notice that most of the them won’t tell you “start with a slip knot”. The reason is because it’s expected that you already know how to do it.

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Supplies needed to do a crochet slip knot

  • Yarn: worsted weight (4) yarn are the best kind to learn how to crochet because it’s not too thin and not too bulky.
  • A crochet hook: I recommend a size 5.5mm (US I) or 6mm (US J) hook

Tutorial notes

  • Level of difficulty: easy.
  • For this tutorial, I am using US terminology.
  • If you are a visual learner, I have included a lot of step-by-step photos.

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How to do slip knot crochet step by step

how to do slip knot for crochet

The slip knot is the best and more effective way to start a crochet project. In fact, it is the very first step you should learn in crochet. The slip knot is important for two reasons.

The first reason is because it is a sliding knot, you can adjust it to the size you need.

The other reason is it’s a way to secure your project and not accidentally have the yarn pulled off and unraveled.

So, again, if you have just started looking on how to crochet, this is the first thing you need to master. 

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Set up hook and yarn

a hand holding a crochet hook

Hold the end of the yarn between your index and middle fingers, about 6 inches long. For this tutorial, I left a shorter tail, so you could see it better in the picture. Then hold the working yarn with your thumb and ring finger. 

With the other hand, hold the hook the way it’s more comfortable for you. I use the pencil grip to crochet, but for this tutorial I used the knife grip because it was more comfortable. It will work just fine with either hold styles.

Take some time to practice this and make sure your hands are relaxed.
Place the hook inside the backwards “D” formed by your hand and the yarn. The hook should be upwards, facing the hand you are holding the yarn with.

Step 2: Wrap yarn around hook

a hand holding a crochet hook

Holding firmly, both the yarn and the hook, you will wrap the yarn around the hook. The hand you are holding the yarn with will stay still.

With the other hand, wrap the yarn around the hook once, rotating the hook to twist the yarn, like a pretzel. Be careful to not change the position of the hook.

When you are done twisting, the hook will be back upwards and facing the hand you are holding the yarn with.

The loop that formed around the hook, will be the starting point to your slip knot. Make sure you keep holding the end of the yarn, or else you will have to start over.

Step 3: Hold the twist then yarn over

tutorial 3

At this point, you will still be holding the single strand of the working yarn with your thumb and middle finger. The hook will still be inside that loop. Don’t let it go.

Then, slowly move those two fingers up to the part of the yarn that is twisted and hold it firmly. Keep the hook inside the loop. 

Now, with a very simple movement, you will do something very common in crochet, the “yarn over” or “yarn over the hook”. “Yarn over” is used in crochet US terminology, the abbreviation is “yo”. In UK terminology it’s known as “yarn over hook” and is abbreviated as “yoh”.

Simply wrap the yarn once more around the hook, like in the picture below. Remember the hook will stay in the same initial position.

Step 4: Pull up a loop

tutorial 4

The hook in the upward position, with the head facing your yarn hand, will make it easy to draw the yarn through. Pull up a loop through the twisted loop you are holding. Tah dah… I present you the almost done slip knot.

Step 5: Pull the slip knot to adjust 

how to do slip knot for crochet

Now you can release your yarn hand from the knot and adjust it to tighten up and make the loop the right size to start your next amazing crochet project. Keep the hook inside the loop.

Switch the working yarn to your index finger. Release your hand from the knot and move your thumb and middle finger down to pull the working yarn to make it tight. 

Estimated Cost: 2 USD


  • Worsted weight yarn is the best for beginners


  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Materials: Stitch markers, if needed

Tip on how to do a slip knot for crochet

Now that you are on the way to learn how to crochet, you will read or hear about yarn over everywhere in the crochet world.

Depending on the stitch, you will need to yarn over twice or more. Practice as much as possible. Take your time to master this technique, it will pay off, I promise. 

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or if you just would like to say “hi”. Another way to reach out to me is by joining my community group on Facebook

If you use any of my patterns or tutorials for a project, please tag me @zamiguz or use the hashtag #zamiguzmakers. I would love to see what you make.

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